Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga - Goody Goody (From Cheek To Cheek LIVE!)

28. jan.. 2015
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  • So sweet ❤

    irma robakidzeirma robakidze27 dager siden
  • Love this ❤

    irma robakidzeirma robakidze27 dager siden
  • Underrated

    YugvijayYugvijayMåned siden
  • "Goody Goody" (with Tony Bennett) So you met someone who Set you back on your heels, Goody goody! So you met someone and Now you know how it feels, Goody goody! So you gave him your heart too, Just as I gave mine to you, And he broke it in little pieces, And now how do you do? So you lie awake Just singing the blues all night, Goody goody! So you think that love's a Barrel of dynamite, Hurray and hallelujah! You had it coming to ya, Goody goody for him, Goody goody for me, And I hope you're satisfied You rascal you... So you met someone who Set you back on your heels, Goody goody! So you met someone and Now you know how it feels, Goody goody! So you gave him your heart too, Just as I gave mine to you, And he broke it in little pieces, And now how do you do? So you lie awake Just singing the blues all night, Goody goody! So you think that love's a barrel Of dynamite, Oo-oo, hurray and hallelujah! You had it coming to ya, Goody goody for him, Goody goody goody for me! Your love has been denied, You've been taken for a ride, And I hope you're satisfied You rascal you!

    Kamala4EverKamala4EverMåned siden
    • 😘

      YugvijayYugvijayMåned siden
  • Love this song & performance classic

    Otis RoseboroOtis Roseboro2 måneder siden
  • Does anybody the pianist's name?

    Konstantina SoukouraKonstantina Soukoura3 måneder siden
  • Love this performance

    Otis RoseboroOtis Roseboro3 måneder siden
  • They should make a Christmas album together

    Otis RoseboroOtis Roseboro3 måneder siden
  • Love this duo

    Otis RoseboroOtis Roseboro3 måneder siden
  • Playing this song to release towards the person who used me, imagining what would happen when he comes back LMFAO. Come on now! I’m living the Jantasy!

    aian bayaniaian bayani3 måneder siden

    Storytelling by NoblesseStorytelling by Noblesse3 måneder siden
  • I love Frankie Lymon's version, but this is ❤

    Melinka MCMelinka MC4 måneder siden
  • Lady Gaga ❤️

    P HP H4 måneder siden
  • Lady Gaga has become Timeless. She is now a Classic and deserves to expand her talent to wherever her passion takes her and I'm glad it took her to Jazz standards because she is awesome!!!

    marian arguellesmarian arguelles5 måneder siden
  • They are absolutely perfect together.

    Bill ShaeferBill Shaefer5 måneder siden
  • I come back to this album over and over and I can't find a flaw. Their laughs and how their voices mix so well is just awesome. Classy and beautiful.

    Noah LooksNoah Looks5 måneder siden
  • I love Jazzy Gaga. She did it so well.

    Bryan The ExplorerBryan The Explorer7 måneder siden
  • We love you for doing this GAGA!!!! You are a Star.

    HAUS OF ROSAHAUS OF ROSA8 måneder siden
  • Everybody: So what genre do you sing exactly? Lady Gaga: Yes

    Random WisdomRandom Wisdom8 måneder siden
  • Lady Gaga is a great singer but in the back and forth bits she screwed up the beat jazz is more precise. than rock

    phil thompsonphil thompson8 måneder siden
  • I love it

    badboyfamousbadboyfamous9 måneder siden
  • Love

    Armazi MonsterArmazi Monster9 måneder siden
  • ❤❤

    Armazi MonsterArmazi Monster9 måneder siden
  • ❤️🇧🇷❤️🇧🇷❤️🇧🇷

    Henrique VianaHenrique Viana10 måneder siden
  • I used to sing this in 1965 with the Bobby Johnson Orchestra!! Love it!!!

    Lady Ellen SingsLady Ellen Sings11 måneder siden
  • Stephanie is much better as a jazz singer

    Joe ValdrighiJoe ValdrighiÅr siden
  • 😊❤

    leo xp cleo xp cÅr siden

    Soledade Cantanova de MaioSoledade Cantanova de MaioÅr siden
  • 2019 ❤👏

    Lola LeonLola LeonÅr siden
  • 2019? 👏☺

    Laura SouzaLaura SouzaÅr siden
  • джентльмен шоу? какой сегодня год?

    СултанСултанÅr siden
  • Love this performance classic

    Kathleen VarcoKathleen VarcoÅr siden
  • She didn't sing a note here.

    Lisa McMahonLisa McMahonÅr siden
    • this song only tony sings.

      Caio Vargas ComarellaCaio Vargas ComarellaÅr siden
  • 🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪❤

    Armazi MonsterArmazi MonsterÅr siden
  • #TonyGaga

    Armazi MonsterArmazi MonsterÅr siden
  • ❤❤

    Armazi MonsterArmazi MonsterÅr siden
  • I'm just a bady bady 😂❤

    Armazi MonsterArmazi MonsterÅr siden
  • 2019?

    Doug PierceDoug PierceÅr siden
  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Leonardo Cardoso CandiaLeonardo Cardoso CandiaÅr siden
  • "I'm not a rascal, I'm just a baddy baddy"

    fecocsffecocsfÅr siden
  • 楽しい!素敵なトニーとガガ!

    一般人の御隠居さん一般人の御隠居さんÅr siden
  • Joanne hat

    Francisco LoevaFrancisco LoevaÅr siden
  • Co za nudy.

    Kamill LitkowiecKamill LitkowiecÅr siden
  • THE HAT! She was preparing for Joanne

    Isabel KlawaIsabel KlawaÅr siden
  • 和訳歌詞をください

    ブライトスターブライトスターÅr siden
  • All Tony Bennett and lady gaga performances make me happy 😊 the good vibes

    Mathis GttrMathis GttrÅr siden
  • Frankie Lymons voice will always live!!!!

    Samira AhmedSamira Ahmed2 år siden
  • Gaga is really Goody in Jazz

    Ong EmilieOng Emilie2 år siden
  • But the origanl goody was written by frankie lymon.... and theres no mention of him -_-

    Rat QueenRat Queen2 år siden
  • Tony Bennett was having fun there!! Hahaha love it!

    JanuskaJang2JanuskaJang22 år siden
  • I'm a big Lady Gaga fan and I love her so much but I'm just gonna make a comment about Tony Bennett GAHDDD HE IS AMAZING. THIS MAN IS A LIVING LEGEND! If someone who doesn't know who Tony Bennett is and they listen to this they'd probably think that he is still young!

    New YorkerNew Yorker2 år siden
  • Love this song classic

    Sara LoveSara Love2 år siden
  • Jesus, I can't believe how lovely I find Gaga. Up until I saw her in A Star is Born, she meant absolutely nothing to me, and now, I'm just in awe.

    SCharlesDenniconSCharlesDennicon2 år siden
  • Gaga😍👑

    meshaal _omeshaal _o2 år siden
  • this should have like x100 the amount of views

    Tim AbbottTim Abbott2 år siden
  • There's no old Gaga... There's just Lady Gaga. She can be whoever she wanna be: a rockstar, a pop singer, a cowgirl, an actress, a New York bad kid... Beside it all, she's a legend already, just because she lives what she says: hold your head up! If you ask for the old Gaga, you're not a monster! Paws up!

    Cairo BrunoCairo Bruno2 år siden
    • My paws are always up thank you. I am a resident of Chromatica.

      DragonChild460DragonChild4603 dager siden
  • Would it be weird to say I like this live version better than their studio recording? Because I do. 😂

    Chris NeufeldChris Neufeld2 år siden
    • Live is gr8 plus like music video so ok yes

      YugvijayYugvijayMåned siden
  • ✨⭐️👏🏻♥️💪🏻⭐️✨

    Lori Ann Bishop TauberLori Ann Bishop Tauber2 år siden
  • So cute😍

    Music ArtMusic Art2 år siden
  • Relembrando essa era maravilhosa

    João AlvesJoão Alves2 år siden
  • I really really love their chemistry I’m sure every one felt that Even I do through a screen and I am grateful for it

    Zelda VenereZelda Venere2 år siden
  • Classic

    Sara LoveSara Love2 år siden
  • она великолепна 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Катя АтаманКатя Атаман2 år siden

  • this is gold

    AlwynAlwyn2 år siden
  • Wow what a great duo love these two artists

    Otis RoseboroOtis Roseboro2 år siden
  • She’s so adorable 😍😍😍😍

    Abhay ChauhanAbhay Chauhan2 år siden
  • This is so amazing to watch. What a talent and charisma Tony has and I am happy that I learned to love his music and jazz in general because Gaga was the bridge that connected the gap.

    Maru AlbertoMaru Alberto2 år siden
  • woooow! just marvellous!

    Ianux7Ianux72 år siden
  • Anabelle vibes xD

    Konstantina :Konstantina :2 år siden
  • frankie lymons is better

    Tomodatchi Life-TopicTomodatchi Life-Topic2 år siden
  • This was her 1st love that never took off. This really shows her true talent.

    Zoya SpencerZoya Spencer2 år siden
  • No normal pop star does this.......and dear god I'm so happy she's not normal!!!!

    LouLou AdoraLouLou Adora2 år siden
  • Melhor Dupla!

    Velhos TemposVelhos Tempos2 år siden
  • Lady GaGa gave herself a ton more cred.

    Hot 88sHot 88s3 år siden
  • 28th January 2018 : 3 Years !! 1 428 859 Views 20 145 Likes 1 009 Dislikes 898 Comments 28th January 2020 : 5 Years !! 1 762 241 Views 22 549 Likes 1 066 Dislikes 921 Comments

    Louis FeliceLouis Felice3 år siden
  • What a beautiful duet. Gaga is so charming Tony just adores her. She deserves his adoration and he deserves hers. This is history being made. Gaga can do it all and do it Great!!!!

    333pinkitty333pinkitty3 år siden
  • I love this song and this performance is even better

    C-Hope BerlinC-Hope Berlin3 år siden
  • Non spaventatevi dai cognomi altisonanti americanizzati... In realtà uno si chiama all'anagrafe Anthony Dominick Benedetto e l'altra Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta... Esplicitamente ITALIANI !!!

    arty mocyarty mocy3 år siden
  • العربي يحط لايك

    Osama DewanaOsama Dewana3 år siden
    • هي احلى لايك لاحلى أسامة

      JeraldJerald2 år siden
  • Y'all miss crazy gaga back then but it's actually pretty crazy how she ain't letting the old man sit instead so impolite (Yes this is a joke)

    Leinard JosefLeinard Josef3 år siden
  • Nice.

    Doug PierceDoug Pierce3 år siden
  • Da a cadeira pro veio Gaga kkk

    Brilhant CoolBrilhant Cool3 år siden
  • ❤️

    Yuyu LiangYuyu Liang3 år siden
  • Even if you dislike her, you still have to admit she has some pipes! Gaga is in a league of her own! No Britney, Katy, or Miley could even come close to compare to the multi talented Lady Gaga!

    MrAirplanefreak777MrAirplanefreak7773 år siden
  • i'm late but the Cheek to Cheek album really made me appreciate jazz more and now i perform it. thanks Gaga and Tony❤️

    Hello ItsMeHello ItsMe3 år siden
  • 😍😍😍

    Odecam ŌtsutsukiOdecam Ōtsutsuki3 år siden
  • Don't be fooled guys, that's not Lady Gaga there on stage. That's Joanne.

    W UW U3 år siden
  • Gaga consegue ser incrível em tudo que faz.

    Gabriel Felix AguiarGabriel Felix Aguiar3 år siden
  • We knew about Joanne's hat even before it was actually released...

    Isaac CardenasIsaac Cardenas3 år siden
  • *Beautiful conversation piece where the betrayed has the spotlight*

    Jeffrey MunozJeffrey Munoz3 år siden
  • Gaga dale la silla al viejoo....

    Adrian JerezAdrian Jerez3 år siden
  • Top 100 artists Chart- Lady Gaga #1 Top 200 Albums Billboard- Joanne #2 The hot 100 - Million reasons #4. Bad Romance #50 Trending 140- Joanne #20. Digital songs- Million reasons #1. Bad Romance #9. Poker face #14. Just Dance #26. Telephone #39. The edge of glory #44. Perfect illusion #50 Digital albums- Lady Gaga #2. The fame #4. Born this way #12. Catalog albums- The fame #1. Born this way #2. Top Pop Songs- Million reasons #32. Dance electronic Digital songs. #1 Bad romance. #3 Poker face. #5 Just dance. #7 Telephone. #9 Paparazzi. #11 Applause. #23 Love game. Dance club songs. Million reasons. #33

  • how can I get the Cheek to Cheek LIVE!?

  • 28th January 2017 : 2 Years ago !! 1 352 266 Views 18 917 Likes 976 Dislikes 1 016 Comments

    Louis FeliceLouis Felice4 år siden
  • A vadia já estava divulgando "JOANNE" desde 2015! Lacrou!

    Jean ReisJean Reis4 år siden
  • hoouray and hallelujah! they arranged it in the right tempo, and the piano does a great job.

    Ralf MuldeRalf Mulde4 år siden
  • The art work for the Cheek to Cheek's singles covers was batlantly taken from Keith Haring & Andy Warhol's art work "Madonna: I'm Not Ashaimed". Keith, Andy & Madonna made a front page journal

    Gina Sousa BrancoGina Sousa Branco4 år siden
    • Oh please Whos keith and andy??haha madonna can't even sing don't compare legends like Tony Bennet who's been in the game for 7 decades and actually a true artist and Gaga who's became a legend on her own and a true artist who actually knows how to sing to garbages!!

      Lady gaga monsterLady gaga monster4 år siden
    • +Ambs Jackson Bullshit you know nothing kid. Lets see from whom came the meat dress?

      Gina Sousa BrancoGina Sousa Branco4 år siden
    • Gina Sousa Branco Hmm, no? I'm well aware. You mean learn from someone like yourself who knows sooo much about pop culture? No thanks, keep feeding that ego of yours. Delicate snowflake.

      AmberAmber4 år siden
    • +Ambs Jackson Go learn something about pop music & culture history instead of answearing to someone who clearly knows what she's talking about: me. Gagatards are just plain dumb to see all Gag's ripp offs. I bet you're one of them who believe the meat dress, Enlightenment capsule or the Joe Calderone were invented by the Haus of Gaga or by Gaga herself

      Gina Sousa BrancoGina Sousa Branco4 år siden
    • Gina Sousa Branco Yawn.

      AmberAmber4 år siden
  • I LOVE CHEEK TO CHEEK SO MUCH OMFGGDFDGD Stefani with her true self

    MusicMeMusicMe4 år siden
  • she is so beautiful and classy

    Pajas SamPajas Sam4 år siden