Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga - But Beautiful (Studio Video)

13. okt.. 2014
5 306 386 Ganger

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  • Lady Gaga is so gracious, natural, talented, she is incredible I am her fan.

    Margarita FernandezMargarita FernandezDag siden
  • So beautiful....this is wonderful xxx

    Roy WillisRoy Willis4 dager siden
  • Love is funny, or it's sad Or it's quiet, or it's mad It's a good thing or it's bad But beautiful Beautiful to take a chance And if you fall you fall And I'm thinking I wouldn't mind at all Love is tearful, or it's gay It's a problem or it's play It's a heartache either way But beautiful And I'm thinking if you were mine I'd never let you go And that would be but beautiful I know But beautiful And I'm thinking if you were mine I'd never let you go And that would be but beautiful I know

    something67977something679775 dager siden

    Gracie GracieGracie Gracie6 dager siden
  • This duet is the bomb! Love that part when Lady Gaga does "that would be but beautiful" lyric. Tony Bennett is the man! A legend of the Rat Pack era. He knows how jazz and standards should be sung! When Tony does that "And I'm thinking if you were mine". Their lyrical harmony and note phrasing is tight! These songs are ageless for any generation who can connect and feels the want and need of love and relationship in their lives. Love this song. when you play it it changes your whole day and can change the hope of a lonely life!

    El-Ra RadneyEl-Ra Radney14 dager siden
  • I absolutely, adore both Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett!!! Their voices blend in so beautifully x0x

    JenniferJennifer22 dager siden
  • so beautiful

    maycon douglasmaycon douglas25 dager siden
  • I never wanted to kiss a man before, but god knows, I'd kiss Tony Bennett long and hard... whether he liked it or not! He's just amazing.

    J. Mark LaneJ. Mark Lane29 dager siden
  • Meu deus, como eu amo o diabo dessa música.

    kaique oliveirakaique oliveira29 dager siden
  • wow

    Bert ShutlerBert ShutlerMåned siden
  • This is awesome! The real deal! 👍👍👍👍

    Half BillyHalf BillyMåned siden
  • she is an old soul.....unbelivable

    Joel ValenzuelaJoel ValenzuelaMåned siden
  • Gaga has a lovely voice, especially when she sings these sentimental ballads. I hope she records more! Stunningly beautiful!!

    Sandy LowrySandy LowryMåned siden
  • So ggggggooooodddd

    Vanessa DebargeVanessa DebargeMåned siden
  • I wish she went by her real name. Maybe I’m the only one.

    lance balllance ballMåned siden
  • Really I never thought Lady Gaga was so good she is incredible what a talent!

    Margarita FernandezMargarita FernandezMåned siden
  • Oh, my, he is just so very good. He makes anyone sound better. Thanks for all the very good years, Tony.

    555kappock555kappockMåned siden
  • the band was killin'

    Jakob AvsenakJakob AvsenakMåned siden
  • I love her liric songs very much... She is great Singer❤️

    Horse in The coatHorse in The coatMåned siden
  • I respect that Lady Gaga enjoys expressing herself through her outfits and her pop music style, but dang I am glad that she also sometimes actually shows us all this side of her as well.

    adamgtrapadamgtrapMåned siden
  • Now that's some belly-rubbing music. Smooth.

    Jug HeadJug HeadMåned siden
  • As great as Tony Bennett is, Gaga drags down this number. Her interpretation shows ZERO emotion, but she herself gets emotional cuz the lyrics are so beautiful. I've heard this song sung by all the greats from the past 60-70 years. Still, no one, not even Sinatra in his greatness, can touch Billie Holiday's interpretation from her 1958 "Lady In Satin" sessions. Talk about getting inside a song, nobody does it better than Lady Day herself, the one and only Billie Holiday.

    shihlin1shihlin1Måned siden
    • Billie is my favourite lady vocalist. However another great, Rosemary Clooney does this so well. Over the years, I have evolved to say there can only be the best for me and allow others to choose their own.

      lance balllance ballMåned siden
  • 😊😊 🔥🔥

    Sonya JacksonSonya Jackson2 måneder siden
  • Fantastic duo, that works so well. Singing a great standard, with a luscious arrangement. It doesn't get any better. There must be something dead, inside of those 1.1k who didn't like it. Thankfully they're swamped by the 51k who did. - Thanks to TB and LG for some beautiful music.

    PrivstuffPrivstuff2 måneder siden
  • I wonder how this would have sounded with Amy....

    Daniel drummer BaguttiDaniel drummer Bagutti2 måneder siden
  • Immaculate!!!!!! God it’s a great country!

    Thomas CackowskiThomas Cackowski2 måneder siden
  • Love is funny, or it's sad Or it's quiet, or it's mad It's a good thing or it's bad But beautiful... Beautiful to take a chance and if you fall you fall And I'm thinking I wouldn't mind at all... Love is tearful, or it's gay It's a problem or it's play It's a heartache either way But beautiful... And I'm thinking if you were mine I'd never let you go And that would be but beautiful I know And I'm thinking if you were mine I'd never let you go And that would be but beautiful That would be but beautiful That would be but beautiful I know

    Oxenne VillafrancaOxenne Villafranca2 måneder siden
  • omg I love this

    shadow ishadow i2 måneder siden
  • This is a masterpiece, the are no words to describe the level of pure talent that was in that room

    Armando GuerreroArmando Guerrero2 måneder siden
  • She is so unique.. and special.

    Julieta BrancoJulieta Branco2 måneder siden
  • Does anybody know who the personnel is? The drummer and guitar player are amazing.

    Jonathan FeigJonathan Feig2 måneder siden
  • Lovely duet!

    Tamara M.Tamara M.2 måneder siden
  • Oh my God I think it was so beautiful, than I start craying before Lady does.. i feel it in my ❤️

  • really Beautiful, does someone knows the guitar player name?

    antonio marucciaantonio maruccia2 måneder siden
  • Pure class!!

    Jose ZapataJose Zapata2 måneder siden
  • Poesia

    Fernanda NolaçoFernanda Nolaço3 måneder siden
    • Total

      Lucas SerpaLucas SerpaMåned siden
  • eres increíble stefani . tremenda voz .

    cristian angulo orellanacristian angulo orellana3 måneder siden
  • Gorgeous

    Edward JayEdward Jay3 måneder siden
  • Amarte es increíble, Amarte es morirme siempre, Amarte es mirar el cielo sin pretender asomarse en él... Amarte es revivir mi corazón, es perder la espuma asesina que destrozó esta ilusión.... Amarte es morirme de Amor....

    Sky WalkerSky Walker3 måneder siden
  • ❤️❤️♠【foto video】♠ ---------------------------- Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre.??

    angelica honeyangelica honey3 måneder siden
  • Sing it Tony & lady gaga

    Otis RoseboroOtis Roseboro3 måneder siden
  • Love this song & video classic

    Otis RoseboroOtis Roseboro3 måneder siden
  • I can play this song over & over that's how good it is

    Otis RoseboroOtis Roseboro3 måneder siden
  • This was her made her no money ........

    Ron WeaverRon Weaver3 måneder siden
  • She such a Judy

    Caitlin PiersonCaitlin Pierson3 måneder siden
  • Estoy seguro que si yo, un siervo humilde de tu voz, hubiese nacido en el tiempo en qué nuestros cuerpos igualaran su desnudez... El universo conspiraría en mi favor y estrellaría en ti el cometa de mi amor ...

    Sky WalkerSky Walker3 måneder siden
  • This is beautiful

    Roy WillisRoy Willis3 måneder siden

    Storytelling by NoblesseStorytelling by Noblesse3 måneder siden
  • Amazing! Love her voice. But also the gentle drums are amazing! Thank you for that beautiful piece of music!

    DavidRufDrumsDavidRufDrums4 måneder siden
  • So beautiful...

    Benson TayBenson Tay4 måneder siden
  • This queen made me loving jazz

    itsjannat 1itsjannat 14 måneder siden
  • i love it when these two work together....

    Sylvie On Radio- SeychellesSylvie On Radio- Seychelles4 måneder siden
  • 😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Keira M.Keira M.4 måneder siden
  • Gaga sings these classics really well. She should do her own album.

    B9Bot 1B9Bot 14 måneder siden
  • This is beautiful 🖤🖤🖤🖤

    A BEA BE4 måneder siden
  • Gracias preciosa por compartir tu talento.

    ANAzul ZulANAzul Zul4 måneder siden
  • She is sooo talented and sensitive, I ❤

    caroline monferinicaroline monferini4 måneder siden
  • Gaga + Tony = magic. Musical perfection.

    Michael ArtemisMichael Artemis4 måneder siden
  • Lady Gaga sings the heck out of this song!

    Judith Ann AngelJudith Ann Angel4 måneder siden
  • Our world needs this music so much today. Lady Gaga just shines. This music is soul lifting. 🤍

    carolyn thompsoncarolyn thompson4 måneder siden
  • Is this album an EP?

    Meghan NuñezMeghan Nuñez4 måneder siden
  • Dry my tears too, Tony. He is so sweet. As I said before, Lady Gaga can sing any era and blow us all away.

    Arlene ShinesArlene Shines4 måneder siden
  • Omg this music i feel like im in 60's

    Yon LeeYon Lee5 måneder siden
  • Anyone that listen and feel this song the way it must be felt, might fall in love, and be proud of having the oportunity to pass by this. I really love so much the way Bennet does this kind of duet with these legends with so smooth and sweet voices and harmony. Well, that's what I feel when I listen a kind of music like this one.

    Leocion PraxedesLeocion Praxedes5 måneder siden
  • absolutely wonderful!!! if this doesn't bring tears to your eyes you just don't have a heart...

    Mike LewisMike Lewis5 måneder siden
  • This side of your talent is amazing! It definitely shows the Lady in Gaga

    d fd f5 måneder siden
  • musicaço!

    Lukas RiscadoLukas Riscado5 måneder siden
  • TheRealJackfrogTheRealJackfrog5 måneder siden
  • I want to hear Lady Gaga being a crooner!

    Grumpy BastardGrumpy Bastard5 måneder siden
  • Who will take Tony's place when he is gone? It will be a very sad day! We love you Tony!!! Lady Gaga was blessed to be with him!

    Grumpy BastardGrumpy Bastard5 måneder siden
  • 너무 슬프고 아름다운 곡이네요.. 기리야.. 잘가.. 다음 세상엔 다른 모습으로 좀더 좋은 시절에 만나자..

    SummerSummer5 måneder siden
  • Nothing but heart and soul here.. Gaga is emotional and Tony's so beautifully attentive. So much love.

    Sean KennedySean Kennedy5 måneder siden
  • You know that it does not get better than this folks. We are so lucky to get this duo in ourlifetime......not to to mention Mr GREY SARGEANT

    Roy WillisRoy Willis5 måneder siden
  • I am not a big fan of most "pop musicians", but Lady Gaga is simply incredible. What a voice. What a musician. What an artist! She is incredible. This crusty old Berklee grad, who listens to mostly classical and jazz, is a HUGE fan. And as a bonus, it seems that Gaga is also an amazing human being.

    Boris WiedenfeldBoris Wiedenfeld5 måneder siden
  • listening while it's raining outside. thinking if this corona era will end. 🥺

    Pumpkin TorresPumpkin Torres5 måneder siden
  • Still in love with this song 😪❤

    Lubi PluasLubi Pluas6 måneder siden
  • ....thisdwas... thisdwas..correctionis

    Joana CavalcanteJoana Cavalcante6 måneder siden
  • Wow what an amazing duet.

    Thad RodriguesThad Rodrigues6 måneder siden
  • 3:52 The outro....I can't....but Beautiful Banan Alice: sample? :D Me: No....Nooooo......NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.......!!!!!!!! :'D

    XeniusXenius6 måneder siden
  • When Peggy and I would lye next to each other on the beach I would play this to myself while thinking of my love for this WOMAN.

    Jeffrey PlattJeffrey Platt6 måneder siden
  • Lord

    MarcMarc6 måneder siden
  • My personal favorite

    Kathleen LlewellynKathleen Llewellyn6 måneder siden
  • Lady Gaga is truly fabulous......such passion as has been said.

    Martin PlattMartin Platt7 måneder siden
  • Man, Tony has to sing a soft Jazz with Billie Eilish one day. Tony musical ear knows if you have it or not.

    Fer EspinozaFer Espinoza7 måneder siden
  • The way Stephanie invites us to participate and witness her at such ultimate vulnerability.. I feel honoured and humbled to have experienced this.

    Joe HumanJoe Human7 måneder siden
  • true icons

    Sofia ESofia E7 måneder siden
  • It's a magic

    Дмитрий ОстапенкоДмитрий Остапенко7 måneder siden
  • Wow she and Tony are on the same Plato...smooth in tones and so well balanced...this is exceptional...maybe the best is yet to come ...but I'm just happy with this...tops..👏👏👏👍

    Simon BertioliSimon Bertioli7 måneder siden
  • Esta canción es un agasajo a los oídos 😍

    Yonatan MejiaYonatan Mejia7 måneder siden
    • Así es

      William GonzalezWilliam Gonzalez5 måneder siden
  • Quarantine vibes 2020 !! Tonys whole collab cd was 🔥🔥🔥

    James RobertsJames Roberts7 måneder siden
  • Incredible Lady💖 Bleeding for my ears💖

    Вікторія ЖуравськаВікторія Журавська7 måneder siden
  • gaga has so many personas and I f*** with each one of them. this woman is a total beast. Also props to Tony for still sounding as clear as ever. Oddly beautiful duet

    Paula MurtaPaula Murta7 måneder siden
  • ❤️❤️

    Sing Your Style StudioSing Your Style Studio7 måneder siden
  • I see Stefani not Gaga and that makes me happy! She's mature! And very beautiful!

    Stefanos N. LiakosStefanos N. Liakos7 måneder siden
  • 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    Atok SuhartoAtok Suharto8 måneder siden
  • Cuarentena #covid19, escuchando buena música

    CMACMA8 måneder siden
  • Talent of Riri + Katy + Nicki Minaj + Miley < talent of Gaga

    cathousecathouse8 måneder siden
  • yassss

    GAGA MAXGAGA MAX8 måneder siden
  • A song from 1947 -- one of the two best collaborations by Johnny Burke & Jimmy Van Heusen. (Five years later, they would give the world their beloved “Here's That Rainy Day.”) Siriusly Sinatra satellite radio just played Lady Gaga's BUT BEAUTIFUL duet with Tony Bennett: dare I say, my “new favorite version”! First offering at NOworld -- this one: A delightful 'live' in studio recording (nearing 5 million “views”) which features some brilliant jazz musicians with a string arrangement that could only have been by Jorge Calandrelli who has worked with Tony on a dozen previous recordings. I'm a guitarist and that's one of my jazz heroes, Gray Sargent, who has been with Tony longer than almost any other musician in his almost seven-decade career. Love his tone-setting opening notes on this beauty. Thanks for sharing Lady Gaga. Celebrated this night at Sinatra Family - Forum - "Siriusly Sinatra" - MY FAVORITE VERSION, YOURS TOO?

    Mark BlackburnMark Blackburn8 måneder siden
  • The great Harold Jones on drums.