Tony Bennett, Lady Gaga - Anything Goes (Live)

26. sep.. 2014
2 692 191 Ganger

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  • That crowd needs to go

    X XX X9 dager siden
  • Beautifull

    Max VaderMax Vader22 dager siden
  • no matter in what century she´d be born in, she would´ve been a huge star anyway...

    MissNickyPuppyMissNickyPuppy2 måneder siden
  • I love this collaboration!!! I love this country!!!

    Thomas CackowskiThomas Cackowski2 måneder siden
  • Unos divinos totales, cuanto swing en el haber, se le sale el rock por los poros doña Lady

    Lu PatLu Pat2 måneder siden
  • Lady Gaga é perfeita Tony i love you

    Matheus Wallace da CruzMatheus Wallace da Cruz3 måneder siden
  • The excellent performance and sweet charm of the beautiful Lady Gaga coupled with the understated elegance and Lordship of the Great Tony Bennet. What more could you want. I applaud you standing up.

    Carlos VegasCarlos Vegas3 måneder siden
  • Toni Benet and Ledi Gahgah

    央礼央礼4 måneder siden
  • That gown is breathtaking on her!

    Chloe H. A.Chloe H. A.4 måneder siden
  • Watching this in 2020 is just a gem 💓

    Osvaly JimenezOsvaly Jimenez5 måneder siden
  • 😍😍

    Samara LopesSamara Lopes7 måneder siden
  • Memory of music festival in Brussels 💓 it was amazing ❤️

    mathias brunomathias bruno7 måneder siden
  • Pop, electronica, rock, jazz, country... Gaga has done almost all genres. What a talent. LEGEND

    DougValeDougVale7 måneder siden
  • She would have made a great old Hollywood actress and singer.

    Eifion PhillipsEifion Phillips8 måneder siden
  • The crowd is dead!!!!

    RetroRevivalRetroRevival10 måneder siden
  • OMG! She is perfect!!!! 🇧🇷❤️🇧🇷❤️🇧🇷❤️🇧🇷❤️

    Henrique VianaHenrique Viana10 måneder siden
  • 2020?

    Kaue LimaKaue LimaÅr siden
  • オーズのやつだと思って間違えて来ちゃった

    鷹見俊佑鷹見俊佑År siden
  • Tony is just Magical!

    Terrel BoudreauxTerrel BoudreauxÅr siden
  • 🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪

    Armazi MonsterArmazi MonsterÅr siden
  • ❤❤❤

    Armazi MonsterArmazi MonsterÅr siden
  • She's amazing in all she do

    Karla OlalaKarla OlalaÅr siden
  • GREAT DUO!!!!

    La LionneLa LionneÅr siden
  • 素敵!こんなライブがあったなんて!トニーベネットとガガ!企画した人も素晴らしい!

    一般人の御隠居さん一般人の御隠居さんÅr siden
  • Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga!!! GREAT PERFORMANCE! Loved it!

    SpiritualLight 4SpiritualLight 4År siden
  • Wow, how did I miss this. Great performance. Are the both still performing together.

    Ascot BerksAscot BerksÅr siden
  • She has a perfect voice for this song

    Eric BlankenburgEric BlankenburgÅr siden
  • Lady Gaga star star star star 🌹❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    John SanabriaJohn SanabriaÅr siden
  • She had avoid weight there...just saying ...

    Dakini 108Dakini 108År siden
  • Lady Gaga is a GREAT artist and she's so beautiful...

    arturo lpcarturo lpcÅr siden
  • riverdale? anyone?

    sheila lozanosheila lozano2 år siden
  • SHE is a Diva

    Kate F WKate F W2 år siden
  • Where was this? Vienna?

    Roy JonesRoy Jones2 år siden
    • Brussels

      Vince BultéVince Bulté2 år siden
    • Roy Jones Brussels

      Robin VigilRobin Vigil2 år siden
  • Was never much of a Lady Gaga fan until she sang with Tony Bennett

    Don’t Tread on me! USMC RetiredDon’t Tread on me! USMC Retired2 år siden
  • Play it at 1.25 speed.

    relazarrelazar2 år siden
  • Arrasou Gaga 👏👏👏👏❤

    Michelle FernandesMichelle Fernandes2 år siden

    Al DAl D2 år siden
  • oh boy this is pure gold

    Paula MurtaPaula Murta2 år siden
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    Louis FeliceLouis Felice2 år siden
  • I never would've expected this, but Gaga suddenly became one of my all-time favorite singers. I love this genre, and she ACED it. Right in the feels.

    AnRovikAnRovik2 år siden
  • Não me canso de ouvir essa live, gente. QUE COISA LINDA!!!!

    João AlvesJoão Alves2 år siden
  • Indiana Jones rs

    Tainá ChagasTainá Chagas2 år siden
  • 1:58 "Tony Aguilera" é o fôlego viu querida

    Wesley TrindadeWesley Trindade2 år siden
  • Tony sings on Facebook at: Friends of Tony Bennett

    Nick RiggioNick Riggio2 år siden

    Ilana LanskyIlana Lansky2 år siden
  • King Bennett

    leandro fernandesleandro fernandes2 år siden
  • Ela doida p soltar a pomba gira. Amooooo 👑❤

    Abel RosaAbel Rosa2 år siden
  • happy birthday gaga love you

    my worldmy world2 år siden
  • Wow, Tony has RANGE

    Iko GarciaIko Garcia2 år siden
  • She should definitely do one more jazz album with tony and some other legends from the jazz field. Im sure the album will be a hit

    vickyvicky2 år siden
  • This is music!

    Isaac ConejoIsaac Conejo2 år siden
  • She should be on Broadway or in a movie like Funny Girl or something ... she is "UBER" talented!

    PatPat3 år siden
  • She's a beautiful Star!!!

    333pinkitty333pinkitty3 år siden
  • Worst rendition of Anything Goes I've ever heard. Tony Bennett looks like he's lost, Gaga thinks she's leading the band, and neither is in sync. Cole Porter's version wasn't much better, and his stunk too, but not as bad. The movie 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom' had a better version of this song sung in Chinese than these two offered in English. How Sad!

    Dem0D1ckDem0D1ck3 år siden
    • Dem0D1ck lol a hater

      Nyar ttaffomNyar ttaffom2 år siden
  • Non spaventatevi dai cognomi altisonanti americanizzati... In realtà uno si chiama all'anagrafe Anthony Dominick Benedetto e l'altra Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta... Esplicitamente ITALIANI !!!

    arty mocyarty mocy3 år siden
  • I love musicals.

    Christia ParrishChristia Parrish3 år siden
  • Gaga can sing anything!

    Steven TopperSteven Topper3 år siden
  • Gaga's unique style made this version her own. That's the great part about theatre, you make the role your own. But I really want to see a version where she does the tap dancing, not saying she can't but I think that'd be amazing seeing Lady Gaga tap dancing lol

    Jillian SamplesJillian Samples3 år siden
  • In college my music teacher showed me this... I’m More of a pop & hip-hop kinda guy but wow this amazed actually fell in love with this song lol great music 💜

    McflyXFacesMcflyXFaces3 år siden
  • 26th September 2017 3 Years !! 2 170 356 Views 21 000 Likes 557 Dislikes 1 256 Comments

    Louis FeliceLouis Felice3 år siden
  • I think this may be the most fun I've ever seen her have on stage💖💖💖

    EurieEurie3 år siden
  • Me encanta con éste álbum pudo perfeccionar su voz Gaga

    Miguel HernandezMiguel Hernandez3 år siden
  • Me encanta con éste álbum pudo perfeccionar su voz Gaga

    Miguel HernandezMiguel Hernandez3 år siden
  • It's a bit slow, I like the original one better tbh.

    Some may call this junk me I call them treasureSome may call this junk me I call them treasure3 år siden
  • I miss the cheek to cheek era

    YoüFaYoüFa3 år siden
  • i love this kind of duet :)

    Jake SantiagoJake Santiago3 år siden
  • This brings me back to fallout 3 !!

    Savannah H.Savannah H.3 år siden
  • I love this era♡

    Alicia DuranAlicia Duran3 år siden
  • I love her with a little more weight 😍😍 beautiful no matter what but I love it when haters come here to body shameless completely normal body because they sure as fuck can't come for her artistry.

    JeyRelentlessJeyRelentless3 år siden
  • Never a fan Gaga but now I am. She's fantastic.

    kaffirlimerkaffirlimer3 år siden
  • I'm using ur song btw with my bro thx 4 making a song like this 😉

    LukeJD-FilmsLukeJD-Films3 år siden
  • ❤❤❤

    ARTPOP CanonARTPOP Canon4 år siden
  • Tony Bennet há muito tempo é ótimo, mas Lady Gaga é surpreendente no jazz!

    Alicia DrummondAlicia Drummond4 år siden
  • Natal é época de ouvir Jazz!

    mdna 2005mdna 20054 år siden

    Abbie MarlinAbbie Marlin4 år siden
  • I know I am nothing to you Ms Stephanie "Lady Gaga" but I would wish to meet you just once. I would love to show you what is is like to experience true love in a way that I think you are longing for. We would leave behind the lights and cameras and go for a walk in the moonlight and just be ourselves. We would sneak into a restaurant and get some hash browns and gravy. We would find ourselves in the bliss of having a really great time together, just you and I. And at the end of the night I would kiss you on your cheek and bid you goodnight. I'm sure you will never see this but I thought I would post it anyhow. I dont do facebook or twitter or any other social media. But I want you to know that I feel your pain. Not only are you a beautiful woman but I can see that you have a beautiful soul as well. May God bless you in every way!

    Bull WinkleBull Winkle4 år siden
  • Wie die Pop Girls in der Masse stehen und nix mit Musik anfangen können-...

    stephan coersstephan coers4 år siden
  • perfect

    Carlos M. LujanCarlos M. Lujan4 år siden
  • Talento puro !!!

    Domenico VeriDomenico Veri4 år siden
  • They are making a new production of this musical in a nearby town, saw the posters.

    John DoeJohn Doe4 år siden
  • She is fantastic and knows how to handle an audience.

    lilou laszlolilou laszlo4 år siden
  • Why Gaga's screaming? that's not jazz! Why she can't teach jazz and musical technique from Mr. Bennet? horrible :(

    The Royal ChannelThe Royal Channel4 år siden
    • I’d like to see you sing like that it’s called belting

      Smiley EmojiSmiley Emoji3 år siden
  • Very Nice

    Doug PierceDoug Pierce4 år siden
  • Tony and Lady? W@hat more needs to be said? GREAT

    Nick RiggioNick Riggio4 år siden
  • May I brag just a bit here? I met them backstage, the highlight of my Radio career for sure.

    TrishBell1TrishBell14 år siden
    • TrishBell1 how were they like?

      daffy duckdaffy duck4 år siden
  • absolutely real big super star ,amazing voice tony /gaga. greece athens

    Philip CrystalPhilip Crystal4 år siden
  • One of very rare talents in history that can sing any genre of music and seem natural. Elvis,Ray Charles,Natalie Cole, Whitney and few more but not many.

    Dennis GeurinDennis Geurin4 år siden
    • Lots of lesser known singers do these too, just not enough money and fame in being a jazz star in the 21st century.

      John DoDo DoeJohn DoDo Doe2 måneder siden
  • Gaga really shows that she understands swing and, when she allows herself, sharp phrasing. As for Bennett, well he's just absolute master of his craft. Superb.

    Christopher BurtonChristopher Burton4 år siden
  • Phuong PhamPhuong Pham4 år siden
  • i thibk her and him is fine

    Momo LemurMomo Lemur4 år siden
  • shes pertttyyy

    Momo LemurMomo Lemur4 år siden
  • wonder if youtube would start responding if people started claiming these vids instead of the small youtubers. #wtfu

    Flutter ButterFlutter Butter4 år siden
  • 05th March 2016 : 2 001 959 Views 19 276 Likes 530 Dislikes 1 420 Comments

    Louis FeliceLouis Felice4 år siden
  • What blows my mind is that Tony is 89.

    birdorienteeringbirdorienteering4 år siden
    • Amazing! .... 93 as I write this.

      Les JensenLes Jensen6 måneder siden
    • birdorienteering and still touring at 92

      Matt SparlinMatt SparlinÅr siden
  • this is a wonderful, wonderful performance. but i have to say i do miss the old gaga sometimes. but, it was such a persona to keep up I don't think anyone could have kept it up to be honest. very interested to see her new album, and one things for sure - i'm going to see her next tour! this woman seems unstoppable!

    tom thompsontom thompson4 år siden
  • I sang along cos Fallout 4

    kayla wrightkayla wright4 år siden
  • ma fav

    Anna VidalAnna Vidal4 år siden
  • my fav. song from fallout :D

    Nofa987Nofa9874 år siden
  • She can sing anything but when she sings jazz, it's amazing.

    rubyred849rubyred8495 år siden
  • Magical night in Brussels

    Yeha MarinYeha Marin5 år siden