Lady Gaga - #VevoCertified Part 3: Lady Gaga on Music Videos

12. jan.. 2015
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#VevoCertified Part 3: Lady Gaga on Music Videos
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  • You'r Beatiful Lady Gaga..😊

    Anthony RobayoAnthony Robayo3 måneder siden
  • Queen of my life

    Vacation Bible BitchVacation Bible Bitch8 måneder siden
  • She is like a kpop idol but GLOBAL pop idol & BEST FEMALE solo artist

    Coffee ice creamCoffee ice creamÅr siden
  • I Love you idoL see you soon

    Andrei De VeraAndrei De VeraÅr siden
  • You just cant help loving this woman! Dont beileve there exist a kinder person of her status!

    Keyboard WarriorKeyboard WarriorÅr siden
  • Gaga you are the best!! i love you so much

    Free BitchFree Bitch2 år siden
  • Gaga is my everything 😩💜

    Envy LopezEnvy Lopez2 år siden
  • 12th January 2017 : 2 Years ago !! 551 303 Views 10 274 Likes 352 Dislikes 334 Comments 12th January 2018 : 3 Years !! 588 319 Views 10 868 Likes 386 Dislikes 330 Comments 12th January 2021 : 6 Years !! 640 862 Views 11 561 Likes 410 Dislikes 329 Comments

    Louis FeliceLouis Felice3 år siden
  • I miss this gaga

    Fabri FFabri F3 år siden
  • My qween/mother monsta 😍

    Samantha spinneySamantha spinney3 år siden
  • این که باز نمیشه لعنتی

    ژینو شادیژینو شادی3 år siden
  • فیلم کوتاه سکس کامل زنان زیبا

    اصغر صفیلواصغر صفیلو3 år siden
    • اصغر صفیلو کیری

      مهیار محمدیمهیار محمدی3 år siden
    • اصغر فیلم

      Galal EidaniGalal Eidani3 år siden
    • فیلم سکس کامل زنان زیبا

      اصغر صفیلواصغر صفیلو3 år siden
  • چرا ش نت دارم ولی دان نمیشه

    fariba mosavifariba mosavi4 år siden
  • 12th January 2017 : 2 Years ago !! 551 303 Views 10 274 Likes 352 Dislikes 334 Comments

    Louis FeliceLouis Felice4 år siden
    • Louis Felice whats the point

      BusiaBusia3 år siden
  • Gaga's music also new massage always to be new life relaxseble with our new World. God bless you GAGA.

    Suvendu KararSuvendu Karar4 år siden
  • gaga is gaga she is beautiful

    Amna AlihodzicAmna Alihodzic4 år siden
    • سلام

      Saber GhderiSaber Ghderi3 år siden

    BR94BR944 år siden
  • she's beautiful here

    Third PerolinoThird Perolino4 år siden
  • Cleyton SantosCleyton Santos4 år siden

    ItzMeDonduItzMeDondu4 år siden
    • Sara Abdulkadir Go Fuck Yourself Gaga Is The Queen

      Alex PantaleruAlex Pantaleru4 år siden
    • Sara Abdulkadir who??

      Lady gaga monsterLady gaga monster4 år siden
    • You are the bitch I mean that the queen is Beyoncé

      Sara AbdulkadirSara Abdulkadir4 år siden
    • Sara Abdulkadir Its Gaga Btch

      Lady gaga monsterLady gaga monster4 år siden
    • No Beyoncé

      Sara AbdulkadirSara Abdulkadir4 år siden
  • ❤❤❤

    Siliya GezikSiliya Gezik4 år siden
  • love gaga always 😍😍😍

    Inka KorhonenInka Korhonen4 år siden
  • Gaga Nunca volvió a ser la Misma después de 2012 desapareció la super estrella

    G GaviriaG Gaviria4 år siden
    • Totalmente cierto!

      BR94BR944 år siden
  • Lol

    Angella LangcayAngella Langcay4 år siden
  • چرا باز نمیکنه

    محمد اذریانمحمد اذریان4 år siden
  • Queen of music

    ChromaticoChromatico4 år siden
  • Sorry but pewdiepie has more subs then u

    Angella LangcayAngella Langcay4 år siden
    • he has more subs than everyone so what's your point?

      KayKay4 år siden
    • who is pewdiepie? 🙊🙊🙉

      Sailor neptuneSailor neptune4 år siden
  • algien abla espoñol

    Cassandra ssCassandra ss4 år siden
    • no nadie abla español :/ una lastima

      danae bambidanae bambi4 år siden
  • 💖💖💖

    ARTPOP CanonARTPOP Canon4 år siden
    • ARTPOP

      Alida DalvandAlida Dalvand4 år siden
  • Lady gaga is my idol shes just that bitch no one can match her style shes beautiful gorgeous I just love her i been listening to her ever since i was 4 she first started making music videos ever since 2005 that's a long time and no one can hate on her shes just being her and shes unique no ones like her and she doesn't copy anyone she has her own style shes HER! ( Queen, That Bitch)

    KasinazKasinaz4 år siden
  • 💸💳.

    Vevo GagVevo Gag4 år siden
  • GaGa is Qeen of pop

    Dumb DumbDumb Dumb4 år siden
  • Life without Lady Gaga would be a big mistake ! Thanks God she's here and she's the queen of music !

    DanielDaniel4 år siden
    • Daniel & Jeremie х

      Archie AndrewsArchie Andrews3 år siden
    • Daniel & Jeremie

      اصغر صفیلواصغر صفیلو3 år siden
  • Love you gaga!!

    Wwe evolution 2019Wwe evolution 20194 år siden
  • Did anyone get scared from poker face at the beginning 😂😂

    Lady GagaLady Gaga4 år siden
  • if this is I love your videos you're my favorite singer

    LPS lover LPS cat girlLPS lover LPS cat girl4 år siden
  • is is Lady Gaga

    LPS lover LPS cat girlLPS lover LPS cat girl4 år siden
  • I don't thought she was blonde

    ricebunnieeericebunnieee4 år siden
  • Mother monster has spoken #Rawr

    EmeraldEmerald4 år siden
  • รักนะเด้อๆ

    Rujira SupsukRujira Supsuk4 år siden
  • หนูชื่อชมพู่

    Rujira SupsukRujira Supsuk4 år siden
  • หนูชื่อชมพู่

    Rujira SupsukRujira Supsuk4 år siden
  • LG5 please

    ARTPOP CanonARTPOP Canon4 år siden
  • What the fuck! She is so pretty

    Stef DemsStef Dems4 år siden
    • It's cuz she has the latest of gaga tech

      EmeraldEmerald4 år siden
  • who is watching in April 2016?? #ilove #somuch #gaga

    Armando CentenoArmando Centeno4 år siden
  • In Denmark, half the programs on TV that night are fixed traditions: In sequence: The queen's speech (live, all channels), a brief TV news and weather forecast for the night, some varying comedy, the 90 year birthday, maybe a little Mr. Bean or Monthy Python, a semiclassical fun orchestra or opera performance from Wien, live transmission of the town hall clock and square in the capital (all channels), instant switch to a choir singing the new year psalm followed by both our national anthems, then a live mass from the cathedral, then various movies and recorded pop concerts all night on different channels. On new years day there's skijump from a specific place in Austria, a repeat of the queen's speech and a recorded speech by the prime minister (can't be live as he is at a galla dinner with the queen) . I probably forgot a few items.

    John DoeJohn Doe4 år siden
  • shes really gay

    Im HotIm Hot4 år siden
  • I asked my mom how old she thinks Lady Gaga is. She said 21. I love you mom.

    MyHoloAddiction OK?MyHoloAddiction OK?4 år siden
  • فیلم سوپربفرستیدباتشکر

    mostfa mousavimostfa mousavi4 år siden
  • i love you gaga

    katarina bacanovkatarina bacanov4 år siden
  • Goddess

    Stefani GermanottaStefani Germanotta5 år siden
  • i love you!!! Lady Gaga

    astrid ally Brookastrid ally Brook5 år siden

    Lady Gaga VideosLady Gaga Videos5 år siden
  • Man she pretty omg she different #2016

    bonding momentsbonding moments5 år siden
  • فیلم سکس

    خالد قزلیخالد قزلی5 år siden
  • Is it me or is she just SOOO pretty....

    swag lolswag lol5 år siden
  • I'm your biggest fan!!!!! I've been singing along to your music since I was about 2 yrs old

    Jersey MurphyJersey Murphy5 år siden
  • love u GAGA /\

    BLACK MagicBLACK Magic5 år siden
  • She's amazing.

    Piera GuiglielminPiera Guiglielmin5 år siden
  • gagalicuos

    Mariano SpearsMariano Spears5 år siden

    Mariano SpearsMariano Spears5 år siden

    Mariano SpearsMariano Spears5 år siden
  • she is amazing

    Mariano SpearsMariano Spears5 år siden
  • thank you Gaga

    Yosi KingbolYosi Kingbol5 år siden
  • چرا فیلما دانلود نميشن

    ebram shytonebram shyton5 år siden
  • چرا فیلما دانلود نميشن

    ebram shytonebram shyton5 år siden
  • Were waiting for more music of this queen...

    For YouFor You5 år siden
  • Negre AndreiNegre Andrei5 år siden
  • You are so beautiful Gaga

    essentialistessentialist5 år siden
  • Gaga & Katy Are both flawless in em same way. why don't you ppl stop hatin, get ya life izz better

    Mmmonnom NetedonnerapasmavieMmmonnom Netedonnerapasmavie5 år siden
  • To spread a word of kindness, just wanted to say that her fans range in age from the young to the old, like myself, who just appreciate the music, the artform, the unique quality of The Lady and what she's created. If I could, I would simply say, "Thank you."

    Marta Peterson WomackMarta Peterson Womack5 år siden
  • She looks beautiful and natural like this, no bizzare costumes or wigs or accents, just her which i love, however the crazy theatrical side of her i still love but she should save all that for her music videos and performances as to tell a story and keep her private life separate from her work life, and also make sure she gets some good rest, imagine her lifestyle, it must be pretty draining and she was close to ending up like michael jackson a few years back, good thing she stayed strong tho, and honey, dont ever hate yourself, love it or hate it, you did contribute to modern pop culture and will be known as one of the legends

    So LuxxSo Luxx5 år siden
  • وجه الحصان

    rawanmj86rawanmj865 år siden
  • The best lady *...* Saludos desde Colombia

    Karla JisselKarla Jissel5 år siden
  • i love this woman

    Merve taştanMerve taştan5 år siden
  • Lady gaga looks like Supergirlygamer because her hair colour

    Fausto LangcayFausto Langcay5 år siden
  • Poker Face: hiding your sexuality from your lover Paparazzi: fear of fame and death Bad Romance: accepting the darkest side of yourself Born This Way: loving and accepting yourself Judas: betrayal and forgiveness Marry The Night: not giving up on your life Applause: finding something to do which you love Do What U Want: not giving a f*** what others think Till It Happens To You: trying to explain others how it feels I love how Gaga is the only (pop) artist nowadays who writes about the bigger cause rather than love and break-up.

    U Know What I MeanU Know What I Mean5 år siden
    • فیلم سوپر سکس

      Milad GhobadiMilad Ghobadi3 år siden
    • فیلم سوپر سیکس ایرانی

      hasan badanhasan badan3 år siden
    • Bad Romance is about accepting a wicked and impossible love story with your best friend, it doesn't have anything to do with what you said.. And the applause is the love of the fans who kept her going through the darkest times

      Nate LylessNate Lyless4 år siden
    • Perfect Illusion: security on herself. No necessity of makeup and wigs to be hidden.

      Cristina VPCristina VP4 år siden
    • '

      Yamileth QuezadaYamileth Quezada4 år siden
  • this was posted on my birthday

    Earl JosephEarl Joseph5 år siden

    Brenden BenjaminBrenden Benjamin5 år siden
  • lady hh your dress amazing hhhh I think dress slow nice for you and I you know 😨 everyone hate your dress

    BigdosesBigdoses5 år siden
  • I just saw PokerFace Gaga in HD for first time omg :D (bad romance too)

    Ayhan DincherAyhan Dincher5 år siden

    johnsblogjohnsblog5 år siden

      t starrt starr5 år siden
  • "Let's bring the music videos to life." - Yes! That's one of the things I like about her the most.

    Laine BūmeistereLaine Būmeistere5 år siden
  • I Love Gaga!

    penne 67penne 675 år siden
  • hot

    Hassan SemlaliHassan Semlali5 år siden
  • get back to making more Pop music GAGA

    koilkkoilk5 år siden
  • lady gaga aculy looks like a rwguler person without hair dye makeup but other celebs like botox snotty additudes

    Mica GougeMica Gouge5 år siden
  • Te extraño buelve

    Joel GodoyJoel Godoy5 år siden
  • just love her..she is my you Gaga

    ku ROMku ROM5 år siden
  • Like Chapo u mona Lisa

    Jesus Rondon RondonJesus Rondon Rondon5 år siden
  • I love you Gaga

    Ruan FabresRuan Fabres5 år siden
  • super

    BILL TurnerBILL Turner5 år siden
  • omg cheeks botox alert!!! she started it to!

    ASAFYYASAFYY5 år siden
  • her music videos is the BEST !!!

    • M

      Adil ZaheerAdil Zaheer5 år siden
    • دانود

      کامران مرادیکامران مرادی5 år siden

    Joe HammiJoe Hammi5 år siden
  • Demitri o'shea it is not good to say something like that you are making her sad do you know how it feel

    juana Tamezjuana Tamez5 år siden
  • Hello my name is Alima I am 11 years old I was watching your videos when I was 5 and me and my mom watch Chicago Fire i live in Chicago.

    juana Tamezjuana Tamez5 år siden
  • Great song!

    Jayz PanganibanJayz Panganiban5 år siden
  • She looks so gorgeous! *o*

    gustavo adolfo cornejo posadagustavo adolfo cornejo posada5 år siden

    Robert SurrattRobert Surratt5 år siden