Lady Gaga - Til It Happens To You (Official Music Video)

17. sep.. 2015
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A portion of proceeds from the sale of the song will be donated to organizations helping survivors of sexual assault.

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“Til It Happens To You” written by Diane Warren and Lady Gaga; performed by Lady Gaga, from the film THE HUNTING GROUND, available now:

  • Rapists must be tortured and killed.

  • Thank you for this song. It prompted me to join an online group to get support and help. Far too many victims never reach out for help.

    Alison BellAlison Bell12 timer siden
  • "She was asking for it look what she was wearing" I was 6 wearing a hey Jessie shirt with rainbow shorts on.

    Laura BoisrondLaura Boisrond15 timer siden
  • bullying is so evil

    Luke AndristLuke AndristDag siden
  • “Why didn’t you report it?” What begon as we played a board game in his house never thought a few hours later he r me. I did tell, but the police don't trusted me. And saying it was my own fault... I have now trauma PTSS and he walked away free to maybe other victims... Everytime I crying hearing this. When I read other stories it touches me so deeply. I feel you.

    AngelaAngelaDag siden
  • You tell me it gets better, it gets better in time You say I'll pull myself together, pull it together You'll be fine Tell me what the hell do you know What do you know Tell me how the hell could you know How could you know 'Til it happens to you, you don't know How it feels How it feels 'Til it happens to you, you won't know It won't be real No it won't be real Won't know how it feels You tell me hold your head up Hold your head up and be strong 'Cause when you fall, you gotta get up You gotta get up and move on Tell me, how the hell could you talk How could you talk? 'Cause until you walk where I walk It's just all talk 'Til it happens to you, you don't know How it feels How it feels 'Til it happens to you, you won't know It won't be real (how could you know?) No it won't be real (how could you know?) Won't know how I feel 'Til your world burns and crashes 'Til you're at the end, the end of your rope 'Til you're standing in my shoes, I don't wanna hear nothing from you From you, from you, 'cause you don't know 'Til it happens to you, you don't know How I feel How I feel How I feel 'Til it happens to you, you won't know It won't be real (how could you know?) No it won't be real (how could you know?) Won't know how it feels 'Til it happens to you, happens to you Happens to you Happens to you, happens to you Happens to you (how could you know?) 'Til it happens to you, you won't know how I feel

    Rudraksh SharmaRudraksh SharmaDag siden
  • "Why didn't you report it?" Because he was my boyfriend at the time and I thought this was normal in a relationship. And when I did report it, I was told to be grateful because no one else would want to touch me because of how I looked.

    Alaizabel CrayAlaizabel CrayDag siden
  • I'm not crying because it has happened to me but because it happens. this. needs. to. stop. right now.

    Lise van RavesteijnLise van RavesteijnDag siden
  • To everyone who read this: you are strong and I believe you ❤

    Florine HFlorine H2 dager siden
  • Там есть девон бостик🥰🥰🥰

    Лира НиколаеваЛира Николаева2 dager siden
  • Wow..... wow .. ..I'm without words great enough for this song to Express the sadness. Lady Gaga hit a nerve for me personally. Thank you.

    Kimberley KerrKimberley Kerr2 dager siden
  • "Why didn't you said anything?" I was simple as that. I was in shock, I didn't knew what to think, nor what to do. Still, almost 4 years later... I'm still terrified.

    CipherMeztlix XCipherMeztlix X3 dager siden
  • I was 3. I'm 17 now. I remember all of it. My cousin. January 21 2021 I found out he might be dead. Its not confirmed yet. I don't know how to feel about it.

    Silent OutcastSilent Outcast3 dager siden
  • In my country kids don’t get educated about sex. Thats why they don’t know it will affect they in the future if they let the rapist do it. I think kids should know what sex is

    Boring GamingBoring Gaming3 dager siden
  • "Why didn't you do anything earlier?" It started when I was 5 and I thought it was normal and I let it happen for 12 years until this month and now my father is never allowed to see me.

    Maddy RussellMaddy Russell4 dager siden
  • Dear past me, Im sorry. I should of said somthing sooner. I wish I could go back in time and stop you from walking down the stairs that day. I wish I could of been there for you all of those years. You were scared to speak out against your own father. I am sorry that sometimes I almost throw away the life that you worked hard to keep safe. I'm sorry you never got justice Dear Reader, Speak up. People will be there for you. The road isn't going to be easy. Its going to be terrifying and some nights you will lay there hating yourself. Don't hate yourself. You did nothing wrong. There are people out there that will help you. Stay fighting . Even when it gets hard

    Jade DivineJade Divine4 dager siden
  • Devon Bostick😀😀😀😀😆🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😘😘😘😘😍

    Alessia_007_lolAlessia_007_lol5 dager siden
  • I hardly ever listen to music but I have watched WAP because it was everywhere. Why wasn't this everywhere? Because our priorities are money and lust.

    its lemonits lemon5 dager siden
  • When you were a victim but years later you start having thoughts like the aggressor.... I hate it so fucking much I feel so fucked up, I wish he didn't ruin me

    Matthew GarnerMatthew Garner6 dager siden
  • Camd hurf fo su tieeeetie skankz

    rip rattlerip rattle6 dager siden
  • "Why didn't u report it" I did after I was afraid that no one would believe me and I was right no one did...

    MidnightMidnight6 dager siden
  • Why didn't you say anything? I was so ashamed and thought it was somehow my fault...

    Rachel HoldrenRachel Holdren6 dager siden
  • "why didnt you say no?" i did lol. "why didnt you say stop?" i did lol. 5 times. "why didnt you tell anyone?" i did lol. no one believed me. not even my own family.

    addiiaddii7 dager siden
  • I’ve been sexually assaulted five times by five different boyfriends. I couldn’t fight them off no matter how hard I tried. Only my older male cousin and my friends know. I can’t tell my parents but luckily these guys have been reported by other women and have been in prison for a pretty long time. One of my friends reported one of them for me and I heard around my workplace about the other guys from other friends.

    WilandTarafanWilandTarafan7 dager siden
  • 49,265,370 a por los 50M

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  • ''why didn't you report it?'' I was 8 years old and I don't even know it was rape, I couldn't say any words at that moment..

    the doerthe doer9 dager siden
  • No one will believe me.

    ARAM liARAM li9 dager siden
    • I believe you

      Isha VegasIsha Vegas8 dager siden
  • Why didn’t you report it? He was the captain of the football team he was my friend my crush he apologized after every time then blew me off I loved him I didn’t want to “ruin” his life I can’t tell my family I can’t disappoint them

    Faith OliverFaith Oliver9 dager siden
  • It is so sad that a Sexual Assault Hotline is needed 😞

    SarahSarah9 dager siden
  • One in five women is a lot

    SarahSarah9 dager siden
  • "why didnt you report it, or tell anyone" because i was 8 years old, he was my cousin, he made me feel guilt and i thought i was gonna get in trouble.

    bailey williamsonbailey williamson11 dager siden
  • Beautiful song. Gaga is so inspirational and has such meaningful songs. This song is a gem and made me cry. 😢❤️

  • I feel identified with the scene of the two girls abused while they were drugged. I was sexually abused while high and drunk, I had a high level of drugs in my body so I overdosed and my rapist didn't care, the only thing he cared about was sexually abusing me.

  • I was verbally harassed in a sexual manner at school yesterday morning, which was then reported... The vice principal talked to police and is attempting to find out who the boy who started the harassment was (there were 3-4 all together laughing and harassing me, violating my space and taking off masks. Which in this day and age is illegal) However... the vice wants me to get together with this boy to "talk it out" and then suspend him. I never want to make contact with any of these boys ever again, I don't want to see them here and I don't feel safe... I thankfully have a supportive friend group who is sticking by my side and helping me fight for further punishment on the boys rather than just suspension from school, when this is classified as assault. I keep telling myself "it's not serious, they didn't touch me other than sitting next to me and leaning in shoulder to shoulder... Other people have gone through worse." However I can't stop thinking about it, I left school due to not feeling safe. Currently 1AM and I cannot sleep because I can't stop thinking... I think it's important to realize that any type of harassment or assault is serious, whether it be verbal or physical... Because both are illegal. And now I'm attempting to not blame myself and keep fighting despite my wishes for it to just be over already...

    FandomChanYTFandomChanYT11 dager siden
  • Why didn't you report it? I thought they were all nice people who made a mistake and I didn't want to ruin their lives but they ruined mine.

    Brianna WolferBrianna Wolfer11 dager siden
  • does this really deserve 49 million views?

    Ej Angelo Jobli MendozaEj Angelo Jobli Mendoza11 dager siden
    • 490 wbk

      ESC CyprusESC Cyprus9 dager siden
  • “why didn’t you report it?” he’s disabled.

    audrey santosaudrey santos12 dager siden
  • why didn’t you report?dude i was 7 i thought he was just playing

    Jessie NJessie N12 dager siden
    • @Wow wow Lulu sexual violence

      vonvon12 dager siden
    • What’s this song about?

      Wow wow LuluWow wow Lulu12 dager siden
  • "Why didn't you report?" She held a knife to my throat and threatened to out me and kill my family.

    Just SaphJust Saph13 dager siden
    • ​@Wow wow Lulu Sexual violence. It's from the perspective of someone who has been assaulted.

      Just SaphJust Saph12 dager siden
    • What’s this song about?

      Wow wow LuluWow wow Lulu12 dager siden
  • "Why didn't you report it?" Shy and shame

    Maža NuodėmėMaža Nuodėmė14 dager siden
  • "Why didn't you report?" I did, but my mother said I was lying

    João VítorJoão Vítor15 dager siden
  • All the lives gaga has saved... shes really a blessing to he world

    ViperionViperion15 dager siden
  • Mine started with getting molested then I got raped then I got used. I don’t trust males anymore

    Christina BisknerChristina Biskner15 dager siden
  • Why didn't you report it? Because I was 5 years old.

    Swati BaruahSwati Baruah15 dager siden
    • What’s this song about? Hello

      Wow wow LuluWow wow Lulu12 dager siden
  • I’m sorry my Love! You didn’t deserve what happened to you! I was supposed to protect you! I owe my life to you, when I should have been saving you, you saved me!!

    Amber RachelleAmber Rachelle15 dager siden
  • Mi hermano muchas veces me pregunta por qué nunca lo había dicho, por qué estuve un año aguantando sin decirle a mamá. Me dice que no puede ser y q fui una estúpida por no decirlo. Pero tenía solo 8 años, cómo quería él que lo dijera? Tenía 8 años y lo máximo que podía hacer era escapar hacia él, mi hermano, y quedarme viendo cómo jugaba en la computadora para no tener que volver a cruzarlo por lo menos x unas horas. Y sé que él se preocupó por mí y no me toma por uan exagerada pero nunca lo va a entender, nunca va a entender lo difícil que es. No va a entender que todas esas noches yo me las pasé despierta diciéndome a mí misma q a la mañana siguiente iría y se lo diría a mamá. Y yo intenté decírselo, pero creo que se dio cuenta cuando no pude ni abrir la boca que me había roto.

    Ariana LeicajAriana Leicaj16 dager siden
  • "Why didn't you report it?" For one: I was 9 years old Two: I didn't realize what happened until 2 years later (6 months ago) Three: I don't remember what he looked like, I just remember what he did.

    Jack •Jack •16 dager siden
    • What’s this song about?

      Wow wow LuluWow wow Lulu12 dager siden
  • why didnt u report it? he was my boyfriend and because he apologized. like that made it any better.

    ameloolooamelooloo16 dager siden
  • Anyone suffering right now remember It's never your fault and stay strong stand up to these abusers we can bring them down together. We're strong and we need to never blame ourselves.

    Cameron McCarthyCameron McCarthy16 dager siden
  • Why don't u report it ....cause there was 3 of them and they said they would do it again and then kill me

    xxandrxa_skxrmaxxxxandrxa_skxrmaxx16 dager siden
  • Nobody with the power to stop things believed my friend when he said his sister was abusing him. Yet when she reversed the tables on him and accused him to save face, shit hit the fan. He was 14 at the time. She was 21. The police quickly found the truth, and locked her up. He's still healing, and he will be for the rest of his life. I'm just happy to know he is surrounded by friends and the family he made for himself. If you ever read this J, (not likely since you only listen to heavy metal these days :D ) we're always here for you. We love you. We hope you're not getting tired of us saying it, because we will support you for as long as you can stand us :D Lots of love always. L. (and M and V since they're reading over my shoulders and bickering about my English :p )

    melodysymphonystarmelodysymphonystar16 dager siden
  • ladies and gentleman..... i am here to tell you several things.. first this song and video is a step in the right direction even limited.... what i mean by that is that the most recognized type of sexual assault is college female assaults..... what they cant understand or recognize is that regardless of any legal binding documents assault can and will happen.... backstory....met someone... forced by my own family members to date him as it gave them a pipeline to pot and other drugs... quiet frankly i was the sacrifice so they could maintain their high...honestly they didn't give a fuck about me as long as they could get high.... i was less than 20 yrs old, never attended college physically.... after high school grad wanted to get some money to live off of and then apply for scholarship to attend college.... while working at local convenience/gas station forced to go on blind date( first i foremost recognize i have weak/meek personality.. not an excuse we are all raised how we are personalities included and that doesn't give others the right to abuse us by that alone).... went on the date.....there was no spark literally i honestly thought to myself why the hell did i agree to this....i wasn't proud about it....but everyone has their own thing that makes them attracted to someone... it wasn't there....given my personality i was brow beaten by another woman to continue to see this person so she could get what she wanted.... a meek woman to give her access to males that go for that type of thing so she would have an unlimited supply of males.... the fault lies not with her but also with myself....even then i didn't see my personality faults(and yes this ties into the message of not your fault... but mentally regardless you are made to feel like it is your fault whether a mental or physical fault.... so i will tell my story now about forced marital rape and physical abuse.....second yes i tried to get away from said bastard...(sorry my anger speaking) multiple times... but always brought back to him.... lack of official papers, drug addict family members finding me and taking me back to him...the next par for those of a week stomache may not want to read...i was taken back to him, not papers of any kind but i ran because i found out i was pregnant.... personally/morally i refused to have my child regardless of father be raised in such environment... but i was found and brought back and found out about the true horror of abuse regardless of what kind.... the first time that bastard physically hit me(all others were really just yelling matches but still a type of abuse) was while i was pregnant with our first child and he smiled while he punched me in the that moment i learned what true evil was... this man didn't care that he hit his unborn child, he only thought of her(i use this verbiage as quiet frankly he didn't give a fuck and called her an it) as a way to control me... he did so for many years... accused me of getting pregnant to trap him and so on..... even his own biological family thought the same thing that i was trapping him to stay with me..... hello not the case as if i would want to be tied to their fucked up tree willingly.....sadly they didn't believe me and i was due to societal convention forced to have sex with a man i did not want....again i say this that i tried to leave him multiple times even before i got pregnant but family is a hard thing to shake and sever.....hell i even locked myself in my bedroom for more than week without leaving to avoid him but lo and behold my roommates let him into the apartment and furthermore my room... i even tried to escape by going out the window but i didn't have the tools to fully remove the welded on screen after opening the glass window pane.... but they wanted their damn drugs and i was the way they could get them for free. so here i was pregnant sacrificial lamb so to speak and further more isolated from my family.... rarely allowed to see my family or friends..... and while hating the world that said it was ok and him for his mental, emotional, physical and sexual abuse, i was forced to endure it so that i didn't lose my unborn child...she was innocent regardless of origins she was pure untainted, it wasnt her fault how she came to be in this world born or unborn... the minute i found out i was pregnant regardless of father she was my priority. but sadly i was unable to get my and her greatest regret....through my whole pregnancy and later years( by this time he had really cut me off from all family......controlling bastard) mentally abused, physically abused and even hit repeatedly while he held my child in his arms, and i just took it( don't get me wrong on multiple occasions i thought of just running and thinking she would be safe with her father..... oh how wrong i was.... it wasn't until after i was pregnant that i found out he had a sealed sexual assault case and spent time in prison and not just prison but almost super max....(to my fault and my daughters how wrong i was and i have myself to this day for just being a naïve person)for rape of his own niece... again naive thought it a joke.... it wasn't until my oldest was 14 that i learned the truth.... he sexually abuse his own daughter. she to this day doesn't and wont tell me what he she knows it will utterly break me.....because i wasn't able to save her from him but was able to save her sister..... he never thought of her as his even though she was his first born, he never paid attention to her..... i had to do everything.... but was never allowed to have a car....hhhhhmmmmm. hello controlling bastard clue....even at this time he was controlling everything about my life and i was weak and unable to argue about what was right or oldest always knew she wasn't her father's child.... just by the lack of attention once her sister was born..... but also by what he did to her, she knew he by his own rules forbade me from denying entry to anyone into our home... i had to play the perfect hostess and allow them inside even if i really didn't want too.his twisted way of conveniently having a ready alibi(so he would have something/one to blame to keep his ass out of jail... jealous husband gets off scot free because wife always let people in).... and heres one for you shortly after his friends on his direction purposely drugging me routinely so he would have additionaly alibis. so im sure at this point ive described his evilness to a point.....i mean who would purposely drive their 8 month pregnant girlfriend to the court house and tell them they have to purposely pay the fees to get married unless they had an ironclad hold on them... and he did... my three year old daughter..... he used her to control me... sexually mentally, emotionally physically... i swear if there was an unknown type of abuse it was because they never had to point in this long rant is that yes this is the step in the right direction but it's not just single women/men raped while in college..... rape continues in all forms and sometimes it occurs legally...... i ask that all at this time think of everything ive been through mentally emotionally sexually and physically.... and that i knew it was a toxic relationship and tried to leave.... before friends family money... everything is on you to care for and make sure this tiny person is safe...and even then you still fail.... even going so far as to accept rape(cuz lets face it that is what it was as i knew the first time he hit me while pregnant, i didn't love him and he didn't love me) to protect this person and latter find it didn't even matter to them(his or his family) the defilement of me or the physical abuse.... i was forced under duress to sign a form and have it notarized that i wouldn't take my childen out of the state if i got them back.... as he snuck and placed them with a friend of the family that worked in social services... i was also told that contacting the police would not help...... my mental abuse wa s minor compared to what my 2 babies had to go through..... that bitch for 24 hours told my 4 year old and 9 month old they would never see me again, that i didn't love them, that i found them as burdens.... i complied with his demands and when picking them up he flat out told her( his friend of the family why i was trying to leave him was that he abuses me.... her response oh well she deserves it ). i was finally able to get free with both my children... but i want everyone to understand..... yes my children were innocent it wasnt their fault to be brought into this world.... but to protect them i had to endure and accept even willingly rape and other types of abuse and sadly because thats the type of society we live in.... we can barely fight against single women/men getting sexually assaulted in college.... if we can't fight and correct this then there is no hope for those of us that have had to endure for far longer and things they can't imagine just to protect our loved ones from the same horror as it's considered in a sense legalized assault.

    Ruth HammersRuth Hammers17 dager siden
    • first while late..... this song soared in 2016 my horrors were from 2003 until 2011(and yes the fallout last longer than anyone thinks.... the year 2021 and still fully blame myself and this is the most open ive been about it and i got away in the latter half of 2012) and while i mean horrors im sure as my oldest comes to terms and in sense blames myself regardless of circumstances realistically this song will also resonate with her as it did with myself years later.... like hell i would tell my child what i did to ensure she was safe.... which in this case is pointless as she just has to read the above post while not as gory as it truly was she already has the knowledge.... i don't ask forgiveness for myself....... lets face it... i was condemned the moment she was conceived.....(and no i wholeheartedly believe and stated she's innocent..... but i also recognize even if she doesn't want to... to herself that i am also at fault just because i am also a victim doesn't absolve me of that.... so to my darling oldest... you more than most....( meaning you and just you alone i willing accept blame along with your biological father... i am sure there are things i could have done differently something i could have doesn't excuse it and sure as hell doesnt absolve it... as I personally believe regardless of reason believe i am at fault as well and fully deserve upon my death my place in hell.....(stop laughing i know you have read this and stop comparing this to Supernatural.... little turd) but that i failed you and have earn my place in the afterlife... no i am not trying to get on anyone's good side.... it is what it is.... carry on my wayward son.... edge of seventeen.... i would do anything for love but i wont do that....tiny dancer.....and all of the songs from LOTR and HOBBIT films as they are my favs.... so my child.... i don't ask forgiveness... what i ask for is understanding why i did what i did and endured..... as the only person to forgive me is GOD himself and i don't see that happening.... lol hence the earning my place in hell statement... ( its not something to joke about but i gotta have something as the only thing i came away with besides you girls is my humor....) i love you both regardless of what happen you and your sister have always and will always continue to be my source of happiness, reason for humor, point blank you girls are my reason for even existing.... oh higho..... :)

      Ruth HammersRuth Hammers17 dager siden
  • "Why didn't you report it?" They were my best friend since kindergarten. I was 15 and not ready to come out to my family to be able to report on it... not to mention the whole "girls can't rape" idea I'm really glad she included a trans guy in her video. Since I am a transguy and it's hard enough finding cis man representation for sexual assault let alone for us...

    thesheepwhispererthesheepwhisperer17 dager siden
  • This song is so deep and emotional

    True*Flow MusicTrue*Flow Music17 dager siden
  • I never reported and I’m still 🤐 just my best friends know. Why I never reported? Because he was on of my best friends, the boyfriend of one girl from my clique. And I was afraid no one would believe me. It’s 7 years ago know. But I still can’t handle it... how do I learn handle it...

    VA AKVA AK17 dager siden
  • If someone is sleeping they can’t say YES OR NO so keep your fk hands away from them!!!!

    Vanessa HayerovaVanessa Hayerova18 dager siden
  • I love how the song is indeed about rape, it can also apply to other things people have gone through, like child abuse or surviving something deadly. I have had experience with child abuse from my dad, sometimes he would ridicule me for being introverted, as well as playing video games (I think it was a gender thing because he never ridiculed my brother for it) once he was arguing with his girlfriend to the point where my brother called the cops. This affected me, when I hear yelling, I think about that day, as well as developing trust issues. I like to relate this song to my classmates who tell me I should be more loving to my dad, and open up to him and others, then I mention that they dont know what it's like to be 8 years old and haveing 4 or 5 police officers in your house with the possibility of your father getting arrested for domestic abuse

    Anime_Obsessed 360Anime_Obsessed 36018 dager siden
  • Reporting it can cause so much worse victimization and pain. I am shamed then shamed then shamed every f&*$ing day by speaking out...yet I still spoke. It cost me everything. And I still pay that price all the time.

    Nancy MalickiNancy Malicki18 dager siden
    • @Octavia I understand that. I was run out of school and my family said I only have myself to blame. This was over 20 years ago and sometimes I still shake uncontrollably in certain situations.

      Nancy MalickiNancy Malicki17 dager siden
    • Yes I know how you feel, when nobody knew about it I just had to deal with it on my own. I only had to deal with the shame that I brought on myself. But as soon as people started to find out what happened they all said I was a liar and stoped talking to me. I no longer go to school, it cost me my education and my social life. I now go to therapy and I’m on medication

      OctaviaOctavia18 dager siden
  • Why didn't you report it? He was my mom's best ffriend

    wallace torrieriwallace torrieri18 dager siden
  • dang that song hit me different.

    Heavenlee JenkinsHeavenlee Jenkins18 dager siden
  • "Why didn't you report it?" It was my mother's boyfriend and when I told her, she told me to get over it and continued to see him and go into detail about her sexual encounters every time she came back from his house. I still feel disgusted and ashamed with myself to this day about what happened to me even though it was almost 3 years ago.

    Ada OwensAda Owens18 dager siden
    • Fuck her It’s not your fault You are strong you can do it 💪🏽

      Huda KasımoğluHuda Kasımoğlu18 dager siden
  • People need to know about this. This song has a revolutionary message that people must understand.

    SquashySquashy18 dager siden
  • why did not u reported it whenu saw it?? i was just 10 and i was thinking that im the sinner even though i did nothing wrong then ... i hope she forgot about that she was maybe just 6

    daval husendaval husen18 dager siden
  • It’s taken me two years to come to terms with what happened to me. I was 15. I was only a child and I didn’t understand that coercion is sexual assault too

    ehop 08ehop 0819 dager siden
  • Sexual assault takes many different forms, but something will always be consistent: IT IS NEVER A VICTIM'S FAULT. Sending light and strength.

    Vanessa SchönVanessa Schön19 dager siden
  • The trans guy one really bugged me because 1 I’m trans and 2 my sister worked for a rape crisis center and I would sometimes accidentally over hear her on call. Something exactly like that happened to one of her callers and just hearing the pain in his voice made me want to puke. I hope he’s okay. I’m also a survivor. I was molested by a 35 year old man when I was 13. He got me drunk so I couldn’t get away. I don’t remember a lot just bits and pieces but I woke up the next day with him on top of me. That’s something that will live in the back of my mind until the day I die. If you’re a survivor there is hope. If you have no other outlet I would be happy to talk or listen. You could also call a crisis hotline it’s anonymous just please don’t give up. Do not let that mother f*cker win. Your body is and always will be yours, it was never theirs.

    Fairy _CreationsFairy _Creations20 dager siden
  • I was sexually abused by my step father from ages 9-18 and even conceived a child by him at 15. I'm 23 now and I'm finally strong enough to press charges.

    Issa RastaIssa Rasta21 dag siden
  • stricter punishments for these criminals. never live in society again. the victim is never to blame!

    Japanese eyesJapanese eyes21 dag siden
  • "why didn't you report it?" because he was my boyfriend, and it took me a year and a half to tell my family and my father laughed and told me I was probably asking for it, and that 'no just means try again'. my whole family was there, but I went to my room and no one came to talk to me. i can still hear my mother laughing at something on tv with my father in the background making comments and laughing about what I 'probably did'. and no one knows. he lied to so many people when i broke up with him and I just want to yell at everyone and tell them the truth. But every time i try to talk everyone tells me to shut up and stay quiet.

    AD MiraculousAD Miraculous21 dag siden
  • Lady Gaga your so Beautiful 😍😍

    Mrey CaballeroMrey Caballero22 dager siden
  • When I was 12 years old I was sexually assaulted by a 16 year old. 8 years later I still haven’t told anyone. I can still feel his hands on me, touching me. I can hear him whispering in my ear and I can still feel myself squeezing my eyes and legs shut hoping he’ll stop. I thought no one would believe me, that it made me dirty and used. I feel like it’s too late to tell someone, I still feel like no one will believe me.

    Average AndyAverage Andy22 dager siden
    • I belive u ♡

      vonvon12 dager siden
  • -it's not about clothes -it happens to men, women and any gender -it is never a survivor's fault -saying no, saying 'Im not ready', not answering or being drunk means NO -it can happen to any one at any age a lot of people need to understand this.

    fluffy hoodyfluffy hoody22 dager siden
  • And they say feminism it's just for trend...

    strawberry mushroomstrawberry mushroom23 dager siden
  • 49,213,305 a por los 50M

    • 49,249,583

    • 49,237,746

    • 49,232,098

  • "why didn't you report?" because I was still a fcking kid who didn't know those things were wrong. Who didn't even know what r@pe was

    Dumbass UserDumbass User25 dager siden
  • Biological male mocking and conditioning real women. You'll get what you deserve.

    Arson Darksea: Sailor On TruthArson Darksea: Sailor On Truth25 dager siden
    • @Arson Darksea: Sailor On Truth lady gaga is a woman

      OctaviaOctavia17 dager siden
    • @Octavia I learned too much and care too much.

      Arson Darksea: Sailor On TruthArson Darksea: Sailor On Truth17 dager siden
    • @bottle blonde lady Gaga has a male skeleton, and bones don't lie... Also, I've seen unedited video of his male genitalia, and posted an edited/censored version of him on one of my channels (I have four and lose track). As far as the assault goes, I don't understand what that has to do with him lying about who he is and literally manipulating the young, and causing/feeding eating disorders... There's no excuse for Gaga's behavior whatsoever. The assaults I went through didn't cause me to lash out at the entire world and brainwash people in the most discreet and evil ways. This is about as sick as it can get, next to what Gaga does to the innocent in private (in the name of religion). Everything I say can be proven-- all it takes is time and motivation to learn. Took me nearly 12 years, but it's well worth it to know the truth.

      Arson Darksea: Sailor On TruthArson Darksea: Sailor On Truth17 dager siden
    • @Arson Darksea: Sailor On Truth lady gaga is not a man neither a trans woman, there are a lot of proves for that. and even so, gaga was sexually assaulted when she was 19.

      bottle blonde ladybottle blonde lady17 dager siden
    • What’s wrong with you

      OctaviaOctavia18 dager siden
  • Men can get raped too 1 out of 6 1 out of 4 for girls I'm so sorry for all you victims, it's not your fault

    Karen HerrickKaren Herrick26 dager siden
  • I am a MST survivor. I didn't tell anyone because I was an E-4 and he was an E-8 and my BOSS. I was the only female in my unit and couldn't trust anyone. This happens to 1 in 4 women serving our country. Unacceptable! The military still protects rapists and blames victims. If it had been a civilian company it would have been a massive lawsuit, but in the military you have no rights.

    NavyVet90NavyVet9026 dager siden
    • Something needs to change but it won't happen without those in power being purged of their power...

      Calla NightshadeCalla Nightshade26 dager siden
  • This gives me continual chills then makes me cry, every time. I'm still amazed things like this can be made these days, these topics can actually be discussed and empathised with. Say what you will about the terrible things that go on today, and you'd be right, but I remember when this was simply not something spoken aloud, ever. Thank god for today.

    ARGhostieARGhostie27 dager siden
    • Yes

      Calla NightshadeCalla Nightshade26 dager siden
  • That’s really sad there are some reported cases of victims that died and police didn’t help

    Homie Mario and Yoshi and bowserHomie Mario and Yoshi and bowser27 dager siden
  • Wow thank you lady Gaga for putting the important message in this video thank you

    Homie Mario and Yoshi and bowserHomie Mario and Yoshi and bowser27 dager siden
  • I was sexual assaulted by two people in my life one was my bus driver at 15 and one was a creepy neighbor at 20 that stalked me for a year after with his door camera

    Ashley PeroneAshley Perone27 dager siden
  • this happened to me around the ages of 3 and 8/9-10 by my older brother. I grew up being taught to be kind and selfless so it was hard for me to say no to stuff, I've always second guessed myself and told myself it was somewhat my fault (it was not) I finally told my grandma when I was 12 and she told me it was better not to tell my mother because we don't know how she will react, my "Dad" left before I was even born but my brother lives with him, Me and my brother still hang out and I love him very much, I don't think he even thinks I remember. I still haven't told my mom because I'm scared if she'll say something to him about it or say something like "boys will be boys" or "you were kids, kids just mess around like that like playing doctor".

    No OneNo One28 dager siden
    • Please tell your mother. You don’t deserve to suffer that way. Please get the help you need. Please don’t carry this into teenage years and adulthood. You deserve to be heard and you didn’t deserve what happened to you. I’m so sorry love. I hope things get better for you.

      Chiquita GreenleeChiquita Greenlee26 dager siden
  • \0/

    Cora ReeveCora Reeve28 dager siden
  • Before: Oh cool a Lady Gaga song I never heard before! After: *Bursts out crying*

    PUNMPKINPUNMPKIN28 dager siden
  • Why didn’t you report it? Because I love him

    Baby CheyBaby Chey28 dager siden
  • I was six years old and she was my twelve year old sister. I told my mother but nothing happened, she still comes over for christmas and gets flowers and treated like a human being, respect that she and all the people like her don't deserve. Everytime she comes over I hide in my room and cry into a pillow so that no one will hear me. When I hear her voice I feel like the six year old girl again that cries out for her to stop touching me to please just leave me alone, swearing I would keep quiet if she just left me. Until she moved out I had to live in fear of her doing it again. Next year will be the first christmas I will spend alone and I couldn't be happier to never hear her voice again, to never feel like this six year old again. I just hope that one day I will be able to let people touch me without wanting to run and cry and that maybe one night can go by without the memories taking over my dreams. Please remember that it can happen to anyone, gender or age don't matter.

    0morii00morii029 dager siden
    • What's the 12 year old's name.

      Your Friend in Christ Noah C.Your Friend in Christ Noah C.27 dager siden
  • "why didn't you report?" I can't. They shut me down. It will ruined my family name.

    Anisamy13 JuneAnisamy13 JuneMåned siden
  • It's been 2 years. I just now realized what happened. I thought it was expected, I didnt have a choice. That I was supposed to like it. After all, you always hear boys assaulting girls but never a girl assaulting her girlfriend.

    Taylor ScottoTaylor ScottoMåned siden
  • ☹😭

    XVX BBXVX BBMåned siden
  • The saddest part about this song is the people we really need to listen to it won't.

    Demanda's RantsDemanda's RantsMåned siden
  • Lady Gaga when it happens to her: 😭😭😭 Lady Gaga when it happens to 2 million women from 8 to 80 on Germany: 😍😍😍

    Karol 1488Karol 1488Måned siden
    • I think this song is to speak out the thought of every victim not just herself

      Boring GamingBoring Gaming3 dager siden
  • "why didn't you report it?" What if i report it?, They will only call me a liar or story maker.I am afraid to tell anybody coz what if they don't believe me.

    Jessly BaysacJessly BaysacMåned siden
    • I believe you

      Lily TóthováLily TóthováMåned siden
  • who pushed the low rating is the rapist

    リュウトリュウトMåned siden
  • Why didn’t you report it? I was four year old and he was 7

    PencilPencilMåned siden
  • In my opinion if we report it were expecting action to take place I was molested by my biological father the first time I spoke out about it my story changed a lot I was a scared and confused young child who was made to feel like a liar so I just let it drop and dhs went away he came back to the house. At eleven I was told that my mom wanted to send my to a place to help me with boundaries and stuff cause she felt I was a danger to my siblings so I ended up moving in with my abuser and at the age of twelve I came forward again with allegations got dropped off at my mom's friend's house and dhs was involved again and nothing came of it. Four year later when my mom passed away the bastard got custody of my younger siblings and I fear that he's going to hurt my little sister if he hasn't already. It's also a little suspicious that she's already had a std when she was five or six years old.

    Adelaide ChristyAdelaide ChristyMåned siden
  • It's not the first time that I'm listening this song but also I'm crying.

    Beatriz BoadaBeatriz BoadaMåned siden
  • My dad... he was suppose to be my dad. I just dont understand.

    Z3lda_l0v3Z3lda_l0v3Måned siden
  • I’m glad that this comment section is now filled with personal stories and support for survivors. Years ago when this music video came out the comment section was flooded with hate from MRAs about how feminists only cared about women being sexually abused and that this video was propaganda despite the fact that a male victim is included in this video (he’s even the chosen thumbnail) ... but because he’s a trans man he obviously didn’t count to the MRAs and I think that really speaks for how their movement isn’t for men’s rights but rather for misogyny and lgbtqphobia.

    M. N.M. N.Måned siden
  • Men and women who do shit like this are sick people and should be locked up for the rest of their lives. Rape in any case ever and has never been okay and should never be brushed off

    Chile AnywaysChile AnywaysMåned siden