Lady Gaga - Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show

6. feb.. 2017
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On Sunday, February 5th, 2017 Lady Gaga took to the Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl stage for the Super Bowl LI Halftime Show, performing some of her biggest hits including Poker Face, Bad Romance, and Million Reasons off of her new album, Joanne.

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  • Love this...

    Ro HoRo Ho13 minutter siden
  • Imagine if she didn’t catch the ball at the end

    *yes pls**yes pls*45 minutter siden
  • Pepsi Lady GaGa all Deep State

    Frank IlluminatiFrank IlluminatiTime siden

    Argas FilchArgas Filch2 timer siden
  • Fucking iconic holy shit

    whocares anymorewhocares anymore4 timer siden
  • That vocal!

    Marvin HacutinaMarvin Hacutina4 timer siden
  • Live, unlike madonna....theres a new queen...

    tiredmummytiredmummy4 timer siden
  • 36,752,973 a por los 40M

  • Oh my god she is a living legend❤

    메이리메이리5 timer siden
  • QUEEN...

    müge bilgemüge bilge5 timer siden
  • So happy I grew up in a world where she is on a high pedestal preaching love and acceptance. As I grow up I know that I am so lucky and blessed to do so.

    Trowski2Trowski26 timer siden
  • She and Katy Perry had the best halftime shows of all time in my opinion.

    joanofvocalsjoanofvocals7 timer siden
  • No matter how many times i watch this its still happy she is actually this talented and omg back in the day hella partys to gagas music🙂.remember everyone;just dance:).xoxomarianne

    M&J YGM&J YG11 timer siden
  • Have you seen any other artists be this passionate about their job and bust their ass to offer perfection in the recent years? Tell me one.

    Eray AktaşEray Aktaş15 timer siden
  • Okay but Jungkook Euphoria with THIS Gaga I'm dying for a collab

    Ella HudsonElla Hudson16 timer siden
  • This makes me feel so good and comfortable that's crazy

    Killian RouxelKillian Rouxel17 timer siden
  • Lady gaga você é incrível.

    Anair LimaAnair Lima17 timer siden
  • Anybody else have the whole thing memories and checks Spotify every day to see if this was added but it never is so you just have to watch the amazing performance with it? Just me?

    Heidi LeonardHeidi Leonard18 timer siden
    • Oop- me too! 🙋‍♂️

      Michael NavarroMichael Navarro13 timer siden
  • Okay but can we talk about her capacity of breathe, dance, sing, run and scream at the same time _Obviously the most perfect show ever_

    Verena OliveiraVerena Oliveira19 timer siden
  • Gaga took off where Madonna left off! Love em both!

    Tim DuncanTim Duncan20 timer siden
  • Don’t care whether anyone likes her or not, her politics or her religion, that was one hell of a half time show!

    Gary PollardGary Pollard20 timer siden
  • Other than Michael Jackson, this might be the best Superbowl performance I have ever seen!

    Waylon SmithWaylon Smith20 timer siden
  • Me: "I think she forgot about Bad Romance?" Lady Gaga: "Honey, it's in the finale of this performance."

    Mindy MindMindy Mind21 time siden
  • what's the first song?

    José Manuel Meléndez GonzálezJosé Manuel Meléndez González22 timer siden
  • The fact you heard she sang her greatest songs but you know there are many songs missing...

    Mindy MindMindy Mind22 timer siden
  • I havent stopped thinking about this performance since the day it happened

    faroshscalefaroshscale22 timer siden

    DavizitohDavizitoh23 timer siden
  • Hey Mr Gaga ! How are they hangin ?

    Daniel BruecknerDaniel Brueckner23 timer siden
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    عابد رضوان اللهعابد رضوان اللهDag siden
  • Lei è il TOP DEL TOP!!! WOW!!!👏👏👏👏

    Maria CosentinoMaria CosentinoDag siden
  • Talento naturale! Nata con la musica nel sangue! Nelle sue origini famiglie di musicisti e cantanti italiani!!!!🎼🎵🎶🎼

    Maria CosentinoMaria CosentinoDag siden
  • 날씨가 정말 좋아요

    오중균오중균Dag siden
  • 우수팬

    오중균오중균Dag siden
  • Just can’t get enough ❤️

    matias chiarinimatias chiariniDag siden
  • I wanted her to sing LoveGame :( But its ok :)

    Mr. Kawalin23Mr. Kawalin23Dag siden
  • こんな最高なライブなかなか見れない ただただ凄い 定期的に見に来ては 元気を貰ってる 大好き、ガガ

    Monica*Monica*Dag siden
  • What a fuking queen.

    Edson TNGEdson TNGDag siden
  • 6:44 is that roomieofficial???

    Ella CadaElla CadaDag siden
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  • Here after watching inaguration for multiple times😅

    lywylyn rolo-oslywylyn rolo-osDag siden
  • Still the best halftime show, hands down.

    Heather JohnsonHeather JohnsonDag siden
  • Top ten Super Bowl shows no cap

    Kaden DoreKaden DoreDag siden
  • She is amazing! So beautiful and so talented!

    Yuriy VasilyevYuriy VasilyevDag siden
  • Best Super Bowl halftime show ever!!!

    Love LoveLove LoveDag siden
  • Beyonce 2013 and lady Gaga legendary¡¡¡ 👌

    Luis Manuel Mares NajeraLuis Manuel Mares NajeraDag siden

    Chinmayee JeyapriyaChinmayee JeyapriyaDag siden
    • Yes! Mike Pence was there along with Former president George Bush Sr and Mrs Bush and their son George Bush. I got to see the motorcade entering the stadium as I waited to enter the stadium as well. Just a few perks when you get to be part of the halftime show😉

      24Specialperson24Specialperson18 timer siden
  • Chooo diva.amei um espetáculo.

    Sonia MantovaniSonia MantovaniDag siden
  • devils music and devils children loves it!

    ArtArtDag siden
  • From Germany: Great Show! Great National Anthem...both times!!

    Tobias BergerTobias BergerDag siden
  • 💕😍😍😍

    Rosejewel pejederRosejewel pejederDag siden
  • Me imagino a lady gaga cantándole a Dios solamente

    musica del mundomusica del mundoDag siden
  • By far the best halftime show I've ever seen.

    Norman BatesNorman BatesDag siden
  • You are AMAZING and i PRAY for you Daily✝️🤍🕊

    Myrna GiannoulisMyrna GiannoulisDag siden
  • Po po po po po powered by illuminati

    Szappanos ArpadSzappanos ArpadDag siden
  • Wow, this was the BEST!

    seattlejaydeseattlejaydeDag siden
  • янтарная комната???на 7й,мать ее минуте...

    Анна МаринаАнна МаринаDag siden
  • il se dit, que cette femme, a une bite, ou serait-ce une chatte trop proéminente ?!

    MAILMAIL2 dager siden
  • she is "Born this way" talented

    Gabriel JrPGabriel JrP2 dager siden
  • she's like Madonna of modern time..

    blind sniperblind sniper2 dager siden
  • Amo ♥

    Guilherme CarandinaGuilherme Carandina2 dager siden
  • I went straight here the second i finished five foot two

    Cikgu ZulaikhaCikgu Zulaikha2 dager siden
  • Леди 🤠🤠🤠👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾🤭🤭👍🏾❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

    Тамара ТамараТамара Тамара2 dager siden
  • Round Two: Paparazzi, Love Game, Applause, Shallow, Rain on Me.

    Tom RetotarTom Retotar2 dager siden
  • Shakira is better

    HD_ xSameHD_ xSame2 dager siden
  • 복권하고 국가하고 무슨 상관일까? ??

    이희수이희수2 dager siden
  • You are queen's

    Amaro LeivaAmaro Leiva2 dager siden
  • I love gaga

    Amaro LeivaAmaro Leiva2 dager siden
  • She's horrible

    Justine CruickshankJustine Cruickshank2 dager siden
    • Quem

      Hugo LeitaoHugo Leitao8 timer siden
  • You can just feel the influence Michael left on her work

    mellikaaamellikaaa2 dager siden
  • I wonder how much did they pay for this performance 🧐

    Toledo PaulToledo Paul2 dager siden
    • Halftime performers do not get paid for their performance.

      24Specialperson24Specialperson18 timer siden
  • Legend!!!! ❤❤❤ Lady Gaga!

    StarMomStarMom2 dager siden
  • It’s been years and I just noticed her dancer falling at 2:56 🤣 got right back up like a champ

    Jax InLifeJax InLife2 dager siden
  • Chills 😎💪🤟🤘🎧☑️


    Armin DarzaArmin Darza2 dager siden
  • Jose

    Conor 360Conor 3602 dager siden
  • Amazing! She is The Queen!!!

    Целуем, Обнимаем, Юля КоллинзЦелуем, Обнимаем, Юля Коллинз2 dager siden
  • Satan = zero. Pepsi = zero. Gaga = zero. God wins. God's judgement day on sin is just around the corner.

    C PC P2 dager siden
  • これがアメリカか!

    T MT M2 dager siden
  • Watched this for many times and for me this is the best super bowl halftime show ever in history plus the audience participation is so amazing😍

    els ramosels ramos2 dager siden
  • When she shouted "I'm on the edge!" I got chills wew 🤪❤️

    Bill BryanBill Bryan2 dager siden
  • OK 👌👌👌👌👌 👍👍👍👍

    Roger SantosRoger Santos2 dager siden
  • Just everything ab this made it one of the my favorite halftimes in history

    Kelly NKelly N2 dager siden

    Bret BallBret Ball2 dager siden
  • imagine gaga performing rain on me with ariana, stupid love and 911.

    AJ PangilinanAJ Pangilinan2 dager siden
    • And Paparazzi Alejandro and just dance

      Omar CoronadoOmar Coronado19 timer siden
    • This literally happened at the vmas

      Ilias VrynasIlias VrynasDag siden
  • The problem with the 🌍 is they worship idols God said not too! You make idols for yourselves you Love idolatry you idolize Anyone! They not big God is🙋🏻‍♀️ I praise God only 💕

    Nancy ValladaresNancy Valladares2 dager siden
  • Lame

    Nancy ValladaresNancy Valladares2 dager siden
  • 1:09 The ant when I spray bug spray on it.

    Jw PogJw Pog2 dager siden
  • 2.57 someone fell

    Raul DiazRaul Diaz2 dager siden
  • Quelle vulgarité , quand je pense au niveau musical que les Etats Unis avaient dans les années 1970 et que je vois ceci j'ai envie de pleurer , c'est le niveau zéro de la musique .

    Nina CadizNina Cadiz2 dager siden
  • ❤️❤️

    Northern HemisphereNorthern Hemisphere2 dager siden
  • gaga

    Armida Prado RodriguezArmida Prado Rodriguez2 dager siden
  • Yes

    Armida Prado RodriguezArmida Prado Rodriguez2 dager siden
  • when she started singing "God bless America" and I could immediately list 5-6 countries it has destroyed in the past 2 or 3 decades,... I got sick... I know the common folks in the US are not at fault, but still. It's kinda perverse what the US govmnt has been doing to the world for decades. No sign of getting better any time soon, either. I bet this comment is going to be censored anyways.

    NoctLightCloudNoctLightCloud2 dager siden
    • @NoctLightCloud ur literally supporting anything we do including wars by watching this and using our stuff tho🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Emiliano RodriguezEmiliano RodriguezDag siden
    • @Emiliano Rodriguez I think you didn't understand my point. Whatever.

      NoctLightCloudNoctLightCloudDag siden
    • @NoctLightCloud pepsi is american 😂 keep giving us money tho🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Emiliano RodriguezEmiliano RodriguezDag siden
    • @Meg Fluffy Yes.. I know. It is still scary that no one else in the comments pointed it out. It was literally in the beginning of the video. Especially when watching this in 2021, any US-citizen should raise an eyebrow when reading this, and actually wonder how come they're never hearing of anything the US has done to other countries. The censorship in the US is real, and its citizens even get triggered when outsiders point it out (e.g., "Why are you even here, then?" "Why do you even watch this, then?"). The irony.

      NoctLightCloudNoctLightCloudDag siden
    • @Emiliano Rodriguez You trying to censor me? Last time I checked that company of yours, Pepsi, is making some huge bucks in any country you can name. I am just as much eligible to watch this as you. See. This classic triggered-manner I answered with is the standard on the web. As is your non-sensical question, and you don't even realize that me and you are potentially on the same side of the dollar-coin. Look at how well Meg Fluffy answered!

      NoctLightCloudNoctLightCloudDag siden
  • You absolutely talent!BRAVO!

    Mariya ZhytynskaMariya Zhytynska3 dager siden
  • Amazing I loved it

    Conchita VillaflorConchita Villaflor3 dager siden
  • I remember they wanted her to not be political but what’s the biggest political statement then singing born this to probably the straightest whitest crowd...

    Xv XvXv Xv3 dager siden
  • Brilliant, Lady Gaga you are amazing and I loved watching this , thank you for being you

    Peter NewberryPeter Newberry3 dager siden
  • Omg❤❤❤❤

    Nora PenayoNora Penayo3 dager siden
  • How could I still be alive after this? YOU'RE THE BEST, GAGA. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    littlesussielittlesussie3 dager siden
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