Lady Gaga, Metallica - Moth Into Flame (Dress Rehearsal for the 59th GRAMMYs)

3. mars. 2017
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    Jose RiveraJose Rivera5 timer siden
  • Gaga!! Get your arse into metal and make an album. 👍

    Poetic HeartPoetic Heart17 timer siden
  • I like it very much.....nice sweet...lady GAGA she's the real deal.. she can do thrash.. she would be a great lead singer..

    Franklin SamwaysFranklin SamwaysDag siden
  • Now I want Gaga and In this moment together.

    shooglechicshooglechic2 dager siden
  • Incredible band and song! Best part is they get to perform with the most incredible entertainer ever, Gaga....

    Alan MaidenbaumAlan Maidenbaum3 dager siden
  • Gaga's gotta do more of this ....DAM !!

    jtm clev4lifejtm clev4life5 dager siden
  • The editing is amazing. Considering James Mic didn't even work for the first 2 min...

    Skylars CabinSkylars Cabin7 dager siden

    Ron DarpaRon Darpa7 dager siden
  • This was so incredible to watch and listen to. :)

    BenjiZero DevosBenjiZero Devos10 dager siden
  • She Sounds So Good Singing with James. though, I’m Not Surprised. She’s the Real Deal. She’s a Real Musician. She Paid Her Dues before Her Stardom & Knows What It’s Like to Wait for a Parking Spot to Open Up in front of the Joint She’s Playing that Evening, so She Can Load In Her Gear & Equipment by Herself, then Go Pick Up Her Band Mated to Ensure that They’d Make the Gig on Time. Not Many People Know That about Her...I Respect Her & This Performance Showed Her Pro Skills to Add Talent to Any Act...Maybe Even Increase It.

    R. S.R. S.11 dager siden
  • Watching in 2021 🤘🏼🤘🏼

    JamezzzJamezzz15 dager siden
  • Lars going GAGA for Gaga! Best seat in the house 🤘🏼

    JamezzzJamezzz15 dager siden
  • Would have much rather seen a duet with Angela Gossow or Alissa White. Also, why does Kirks guitar always sounds like crap...?

    Joseph DomenicJoseph Domenic15 dager siden
  • I love that she went vintage with her atire

    Paul nokioPaul nokio17 dager siden
  • Santa in the drummer!! Okay 😊.. love you Metallica!!

    Antonio RivasAntonio Rivas17 dager siden
  • Yikes

    Marlene AndersonMarlene Anderson17 dager siden
  • Ya she ruined it

    Marlene AndersonMarlene Anderson17 dager siden
  • Why does lady Gaga always show her ass? I mean why does she always wear underwear on stage

    Marlene AndersonMarlene Anderson17 dager siden
  • James hit it

    Mandy TothMandy Toth18 dager siden
  • Damn, that voice (lady gaga) .

    Pamela CodePamela Code19 dager siden
  • Metallica is crap now

    David JohnDavid John24 dager siden
  • Fire: Whoosh! James: Not this time pal

    sgatdethmansgatdethman29 dager siden
  • Lady Gaga would not be my choice of listening, but she rocked this and she has a rock voice, maybe something for her to consider in future ventures. As an original Thin Lizzy fan, METALLICA still brings it, great music and great energy, thanks lads for so many years of loyality to art of music! PS its sad that the dancers on the stage don't even know how to rock out, they look pathetic!

    Mick1775Mick1775Måned siden
  • What a bum she has

    David LeBlancDavid LeBlancMåned siden
  • I consider Lady Gaga to be a very talented singer/musician...but I'm not entirely sure she added anything worth while to this song.

    Guardian GibbsGuardian GibbsMåned siden
  • Miley would’ve done this better 😘

  • I think whoever fucked up the audio at the actual performance is just lucky it wasn't in the 90s or early 2000s. James would have freaked the fuck out and probably had them fired. This is assuming they weren't fired anyway.

    The Undead KingThe Undead KingMåned siden
  • I love her. Such a beautiful voice, soul, woman. She has proven 2 me that she can do anything. Much love 2 Gaga.

    christianna boomschristianna boomsMåned siden
  • i want to give her a big smoocheroo

    hilariousgashilariousgasMåned siden
  • This was the beginning of the end for my love of Metallica! This really broke my heart to see them on stage with her.

    Edward HayesEdward HayesMåned siden
  • Fuck up .. Gaga no encaja .

    Astrix QdAstrix QdMåned siden
  • GAGA!

    Tyler KingsburyTyler KingsburyMåned siden
  • Her dancing lmao love her still

    Osito CedarOsito CedarMåned siden
  • Metallica are such badasses, they can even keep up with Lady Gaga

    BottleRocketPilotBottleRocketPilotMåned siden
  • If David Bowie and Bing Crosby can sing together then Gaga can pull it off with Metallica. There's LOTS of good talent out there to experience and I hope to see more in my lifetime.

    rupe53rupe53Måned siden
  • I’m sorry I respect Gaga’s vocals but what’s with the stupid dance there’s no need at all and the people in the back look stupid

    Garrett MolnarGarrett MolnarMåned siden
  • Italian badass!!!!!!

    Michael DeGovanniMichael DeGovanniMåned siden
  • I don't care what anyone says .. Gaga is hot as hell !!

    Johnny BickleJohnny BickleMåned siden
  • This is great! I love metal and pop. Like T. Harv Eker says, “I always think BOTH”.

    Eric OttoEric OttoMåned siden
  • i use to love Lady Gaga, now I am completely infatuated with her. Needless to say, she is absolutely amazing at everything she does. What a fucking awesome human being. I'd go to war with her by my side, and after only a few weeks of combat training.

    Mike SpotMike SpotMåned siden
  • Terrible

    elmo scottelmo scottMåned siden
  • I think this is the first time I've seen Lady Gaga not wearing some kind of freaky costume or makeup for a performance. That made it much easier to see her smoking body and face.

    Lightning546Lightning546Måned siden
  • This reminds me of when Def Leppard and Taylor Swift performed together back on '08. :)

    OwlEye2010OwlEye2010Måned siden
  • This sounds a hell of a lot better than I expected!

    SherlockBatman HolmesSherlockBatman HolmesMåned siden
  • Gaga and her dancers made this cheesey

    A BcA BcMåned siden
  • Rather she "GAGA" not be in at all. METALLICA.. Is fine the way it is!

    Mike ShetlerMike Shetler2 måneder siden
  • Love Gaga kick add girl awesome

    Maria DaSilva (Radiology)Maria DaSilva (Radiology)2 måneder siden
  • It is great, when two great artists take a leap of faith on stage to make something that is A=B=D different.

    Mr WolfeMr Wolfe2 måneder siden
  • Lady Gaga ruined this song

    Alex MartinezAlex Martinez2 måneder siden
  • This is so dumb why did even let her even join so dumb dude james was probably pissed off

    HhhHhh2 måneder siden
  • metallica been around since 1981

    Joshua PfuntnerJoshua Pfuntner2 måneder siden
  • Choreographing a stage dive and planting some guys in the audience to catch you is so metal!! lol

    SkinCarverSkinCarver2 måneder siden
  • sounds just like i expected it sound...…Lady Gaga, stick with Pop, Metal doesn't need you...…She sooooooooooo does NOT fit here !

    Macbeth813Macbeth8132 måneder siden
  • GAGA is a straight up metal head with amazing pipes!

    The Mark CraigThe Mark Craig2 måneder siden
  • I wonder what all the guys in metallicas wives were thinking with gaga shaking her ass on their husbands.

    Bun DavisBun Davis2 måneder siden
  • She has a great voice but I don't like how she sings out of tune or off key

    cheater 59cheater 592 måneder siden
  • Damn I like so much this video, this a voice of a real women 🤟🏼 James and lady good job

    Edwin VasquezEdwin Vasquez2 måneder siden
  • James has one of the greatest voices in rock hands down. And Gagas vocal range in infinite IMO. These two together are pure gold And that Guitar solo!!!!

    Queen LegitimateQueen Legitimate2 måneder siden
  • Gaga slayed. Her vocals are so dynamic.

    catfurryboycatfurryboy2 måneder siden
  • Let's see the women. Of pop top this

    Sam JohnsonSam Johnson3 måneder siden
  • Okay... when is Lady Gaga going to release a Metal/Metal cover album? Her voice is perfect for it, and rock too!! And she has a naturally deep voice, so she could hit the low notes, which is perfect for Metal!! The genre complements her voice so well, and I think it is amazing how she was able to recover and help when James’ microphone stopped working!! And I love how she didn’t just stay in front, she made her way around and sang with Kirk, Lars and rob too!!

    Molly SullivanMolly Sullivan3 måneder siden
  • Oh. My. Gawd!! This is freaking awesome!!!!!!!!!

    Amber Elliott-HassellAmber Elliott-Hassell3 måneder siden
  • Glad this version is on NOworld and not the crap version they aired on the TV

    Karen OpsahlKaren Opsahl3 måneder siden

    Gary PerkinsGary Perkins3 måneder siden
  • O I love this combination. it fits

    Bluntfrunt ACBluntfrunt AC3 måneder siden
  • As an old school metal head. This is quite impressive on both ends. Much respect.

    official_ CZARUSofficial_ CZARUS3 måneder siden
  • Blacked out Pop queen, amphetamine The screams crashed into silence Tapped out Doused in the gasoline The high times going timeless Decadence Death of the innocence The pathway starts to spiral Infamy All for publicity Destruction going viral Light it up Ah, light it up Another hit erases all the pain Bulletproof Ah, kill the truth You're falling, but you think you're flying high High again Sold your soul Built a higher wall Yesterday Now you're thrown away Same rise and fall Who cares at all? Seduced by fame A moth into the flame Twisted Backstabbing wicked The delusion absolution Perjurer Fame is the murderer Seduce you into ruin Light it up Ah, light it up Another hit erases all the pain Bulletproof Ah, tell the truth You're falling, but you think you're flying high High again Sold your soul Built the higher wall Yesterday Now you're thrown away Same rise and fall Who cares at all? Seduced by fame A moth into the flame Burn Guarantee your name, you go and kill yourself The vultures feast around you still Overdose on shame and insecurity If one won't do that fistful will Death scene Black hearse the limousine A grave filled with seduction Vaccine Fame does the murdering She builds up for destruction So light it up Ah, light it up Another hit erases all the pain Bulletproof Ah, no excuse You're falling, but you think you're flying high High again Sold your soul Built the higher wall Yesterday Now you're thrown away Same rise and fall Who cares at all? Seduced by fame A moth into the flame Addicted to the Fame

    Bestial war monkeBestial war monke3 måneder siden
  • Awesome!

    Tim B.Tim B.3 måneder siden
  • Easy to forget that Metallica is not her backup band.

    Tom Oates PremiereTom Oates Premiere3 måneder siden
  • Shit was actually hard👍

    Jorge PerezJorge Perez3 måneder siden
  • Next Dua Lipa in collaboration with SepultuRA

    Lucky YangLucky Yang3 måneder siden
  • James: Lars, I told you to stop bringing you sister to the shows. Lars: Aww, come one, James. Just one song and then I'll call her mom to come get her. James: Just this once, but never again. We have a reputation to maintain.

    Gates WoodringGates Woodring3 måneder siden
  • Gaga I knew had great voice. So much respect for her jamming with the best metal band on the planet.

    steve ajmbsteve ajmb3 måneder siden
  • Cringe.

    No WguiltNo Wguilt3 måneder siden
  • Oh my! I can't stop myself from giggling... - R.O.M. (Raised On Metallica)

    apocsrevenge work,work,work.apocsrevenge work,work,work.3 måneder siden
  • That was actually cool

    Robert FloresRobert Flores3 måneder siden
  • Gaga ,is a dangerous influence,on Metallica🤔🤔🤔🤐🤐🤐😵😵😵🔥🔥🔥

    James CoombsJames Coombs3 måneder siden
  • Thank you Lady Gaga!

    BullBull3 måneder siden

    Todd ScofieldTodd Scofield3 måneder siden
  • Fuck yeah!!!! Awesome

    Daniel RamirezDaniel Ramirez3 måneder siden
  • Please don't do that again! Train Wreck. Keep Metallica Real.

    Rena HauptRena Haupt3 måneder siden
  • I love gaga, I love Metallica this was bad ass performance ❤️👏

    Bj GuerreroBj Guerrero3 måneder siden
  • Her face so close to James!!!! Aaahhhhh!! Kill me now! I loved it!!!

    the Marvelous one 🐠the Marvelous one 🐠3 måneder siden

    Bill ShookBill Shook3 måneder siden
  • Being a huge metalhead, I cannot deny my respect for Lady Gaga's voice/some of her music even. And yeah, I am a huge sucker for them gorgeous Italian women too, Lol. Rock ON.....

    Jim ConcannonJim Concannon3 måneder siden
  • Respect for gaga.

    Bud LathamBud Latham3 måneder siden
  • I normally hate collaborations like this but Lady Gaga is super talented. This was FUCKING AWESOME!! 🎸 🥁 🤘🏻

    Doug HerdDoug Herd3 måneder siden
  • She looks uuhhhhhh😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 why???? I just have never seen anyone dance like that to Metallics music before. Are those Pop Metal , Heavy Pop dance moves?

    Garrett ConnerGarrett Conner3 måneder siden
  • Am I the only Metallica fan who thinks they should hang it up? This last album had in reality 1 good song. Spit out the bone. The rest was forgettable.

    mikbakuninmikbakunin3 måneder siden
  • Boooo 👎🏼

    its10:32 pmits10:32 pm3 måneder siden
  • She fucking puts her all into it. Beautiful. Gaga

    Carlie BeauCarlie Beau3 måneder siden
  • Hahahahahah fake crowd surf!!! 🤣🤣🤣

    vermin tkyvermin tky3 måneder siden
  • What’s up with Katy perry fans in the back, wtf are they doing there

    ricard1414ricard14143 måneder siden
  • Gaga has evolved into my favorite singer. She seemed like a gimmick artist when she arrived but now a days she’s just a stone cold killer when she performs.

    Ben LendermanBen Lenderman3 måneder siden
  • NOICE!

    mike lovellmike lovell4 måneder siden
  • 2020.

    AzzureAzzure4 måneder siden
  • Gaga, please drop pop music and record a metal album!!!

    Anna CostaAnna Costa4 måneder siden
  • I'm Gaga over Gaga......

    rcarlisi63rcarlisi634 måneder siden
  • I think I liked Gaga more doing metal bands that her typical pop music...her voice fits better too

    Arie LimArie Lim4 måneder siden
  • Holy bass!

    Nicholas JeisyNicholas Jeisy4 måneder siden