Lady Gaga - G.U.Y. Behind The Scenes Teaser

24. mars. 2014
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Music video by Lady Gaga performing G.U.Y. Behind The Scenes Teaser. © 2014 Interscope

  • 2021???

    João DurtJoão Durt15 dager siden
  • Me enamoré de éste video, de la canción, de la estética, todo en absoluto. Ahora sé que fue grabada éste belleza en el Hearst Castle en California, quiero ir. 🥺

    ciywprciywprMåned siden
  • it’s been like 7 years now.. soo.. 😐 how you guys doing? 🙂

    moon almondmoon almondMåned siden

    Cruz Priego José EduardoCruz Priego José Eduardo2 måneder siden

    XVX BBXVX BB3 måneder siden

    Storytelling by NoblesseStorytelling by Noblesse3 måneder siden
  • Who is still waiting in 2020?

    Bernard KokaljBernard Kokalj4 måneder siden
  • who's still waiting in 2020? am i the only one?

    ESC GeorgiaESC Georgia5 måneder siden
  • justice for artpop 😭

    artpopxoartpopxo6 måneder siden
  • I'm still waiting for the BTS hehe #JusticeForARTPOP

    MaeMae6 måneder siden
  • Is ART FLOP????

    Jazz VivasJazz Vivas6 måneder siden
  • Yees queen

    jake monsterjake monster6 måneder siden
  • Its 2020 and i am still waiting

    Miguel PintoMiguel Pinto7 måneder siden
  • Most underrated song and the fan of this one don't even have the BTS😭

    vincent.fstrvincent.fstr8 måneder siden
  • Icon

    M BM B9 måneder siden
  • ainda esperando gaga

    Fabrício AkiraFabrício Akira9 måneder siden
    • Tbm

      um little doidoum little doido4 måneder siden
  • 💎💎💎💎💎💎te amooooo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️la verdadera reina del pop⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐hermosa y talentosa💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎amo tu voz❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️x siempre contigo linda⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    activactiv9 måneder siden
  • G.U.Y. 😭😭😭❤

    Miguel orduMiguel ordu10 måneder siden
  • Até hoje nada meu deuskk

    Nicolas AlvesNicolas AlvesÅr siden
  • Ambas unas hermosas divas, ¿Divas? Mejor dicho diosas 😍.

    P .S. L .I.P .S. L .I.År siden
  • Gaga die geilste Künstlerin zur Zeit....

    Jot Ge.Jot Ge.År siden
  • The new form of tease is to never be fulfilled at all. I want the full BTS of guy and its nearly 2020.. If only it didn't flop so hard

    Kieran WillisKieran WillisÅr siden
  • Gaga, Your awesome !

    claudia Maganaclaudia MaganaÅr siden
  • Her mind is too powerful

    AlexAlexÅr siden
  • She directed the whole thing!!

    Epitome StylistEpitome StylistÅr siden
  • 😍😍😍

    Leonardo Cardoso CandiaLeonardo Cardoso CandiaÅr siden
  • 2019? 👏💗👏

    Amor Do FuturoAmor Do FuturoÅr siden
  • soo is this ever comming out?

    MissCoolGirlMissCoolGirlÅr siden
    • no lol

      Ash NelsonAsh NelsonÅr siden
  • So this was not a teaser for BTS but for the MV right? (A BTS teaser for the MV)

    TheLapariTheLapariÅr siden
  • This video release at 2014 And now it's 2019 So.... WHERE IS THE GOD DAMN FULL BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO?! PRETTY PLEASE?!

    Kresna T P PKresna T P PÅr siden
  • Well where is it Gaga?

    CruzCruzÅr siden
    • lol

      Ash NelsonAsh NelsonÅr siden
  • So where is the video now after all these year. SUCH A LIAR!!!

    Vinh NGUYENVinh NGUYENÅr siden
  • I am still waiting 😭

    Paolo AlegriaPaolo AlegriaÅr siden
  • Queen of Pop

    esmere00 ahbohesmere00 ahbohÅr siden
  • The video of G.U.Y deserves more !

    Free BitchFree BitchÅr siden
  • Still waiting

    Tyler Cloutier MendozaTyler Cloutier MendozaÅr siden
    • same

      Ash NelsonAsh NelsonÅr siden
  • 2019 we still waiting for Behind The Scenes

    Frank ZongFrank ZongÅr siden

    Chris TChris TÅr siden
  • Vim do futuro 9 Grammys Grammys Globo de Ouro e uma Oscar

    pq choras simba? Oscarpq choras simba? OscarÅr siden
  • I believe that this song is one of the best and vigorous songs of all🎶🥇🕍💗

    Aria HAria HÅr siden
  • 0:09 que perfeita❤

    Gabriel VieiraGabriel VieiraÅr siden
  • Linda perfeita😍

    Little MonsterLittle MonsterÅr siden
  • Take your time Gaga

    zrvnzrvnÅr siden
  • "#Muito rápido#! FICOU MELHOR QUE O #CLIPE# KKKKK!"

    Cleudison ÂngeloCleudison Ângelo2 år siden
  • Why cant I get off your nuts...? Only Hades knows...& I'd like to keep it that way...(please)

  • Nem isso ela lançou pqp

    ؘؘ2 år siden
  • Still waiting...

    La DivaisLa Divais2 år siden
  • #JusticeForARTPOP

    Francis RubioFrancis Rubio2 år siden
  • Clipe do milênio

    Paulo SergioPaulo Sergio2 år siden
  • The queen of pop 👑

    Lucas GerezLucas Gerez2 år siden
  • still waiting after 4 years.

    nick iezaadnick iezaad2 år siden
  • Still waiting

    Charlie MendesCharlie Mendes2 år siden
  • name someone prettier, ill wait.

    Adonn LuceroAdonn Lucero2 år siden

    JASONJASON2 år siden
  • And?

    Martin FernandezMartin Fernandez2 år siden
  • ART💕

    Martin FernandezMartin Fernandez2 år siden
  • Her best song

    Little Black DressLittle Black Dress2 år siden

    Martin FernandezMartin Fernandez2 år siden
  • "I live between two things, I live between ARTPOP all the time..." and the other thing is...(?)

    LPSbeks TVLPSbeks TV2 år siden
    • LPSbeks TV art and pop

      Carlos JúniorCarlos Júnior2 år siden
  • Wow!!

    Daenerys was just RemodelingDaenerys was just Remodeling2 år siden
  • Gaga ,???

    Mario Canada VatinsquerósMario Canada Vatinsquerós2 år siden
  • so where is it

    vickyvicky2 år siden
  • T amo perra gaga

    mago Casanovamago Casanova3 år siden
  • "I live between Art and Pop." Never forget that Gaga. Sincerely, your fans.

    Régis EduardoRégis Eduardo3 år siden
  • Diva diva

    Renata BritoRenata Brito3 år siden
  • Bueno, igual algun dia lo vemos completo...

    plolololololooplolololololoo3 år siden
  • its 2017 and I still waiting...

    DanBekimDanBekim3 år siden
    • @DanBekim its 2019 and im still waiting.........

      Ash NelsonAsh NelsonÅr siden
    • its 2018 and I’m still waiting

      DanBekimDanBekim2 år siden
  • ohhh

    danilo germanottadanilo germanotta3 år siden
  • You're a bit late on putting it out...

    JkbJkb3 år siden
    • yep

      Ash NelsonAsh NelsonÅr siden
  • her peak in beauty!! her BEST video

    Gerald GiovanniGerald Giovanni3 år siden
  • And i still waiting

    Gallery GagaGallery Gaga3 år siden
    • well im still waiting too

      Ash NelsonAsh NelsonÅr siden
  • Every teaser , demos , album covers , outifts makes me excited but never releases it .

    Prince JacalnePrince Jacalne3 år siden
  • Gaga looked her best during ARTPOP era.. to bad it had only 2 music videos :/

    TaylorTaylor3 år siden
    • yes

      Ash NelsonAsh NelsonÅr siden
  • Still Waiting...

    Nick O' Teene.Nick O' Teene.3 år siden
    • same

      Ash NelsonAsh NelsonÅr siden
  • G.U.Y

    Douglas Ramos JordaoDouglas Ramos Jordao3 år siden

    ASKASK3 år siden
  • Where is IT????

    Pedro AlvesPedro Alves3 år siden
    • ik

      Ash NelsonAsh NelsonÅr siden
  • they never released the full video

    Matías TorresMatías Torres3 år siden
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    Louis FeliceLouis Felice3 år siden
    • yup

      Ash NelsonAsh NelsonÅr siden
  • 2017

    Natália MeloNatália Melo4 år siden
    • 2019

      Ash NelsonAsh NelsonÅr siden
  • Still waitin!

    Fran RutaFran Ruta4 år siden

    CelestePomaVEVOCelestePomaVEVO4 år siden
  • Still an amazing big production music video that I absolutely love. I wish they would have uploaded all the BTS footage

    xRWTYxxRWTYx4 år siden
  • She lives wih artpop all the time she says. Thats now what her new music video sounded like.

    Allan VangAllan Vang4 år siden
  • I wanna be that G.U.Y. Oh Gaga, all you had to do was make videos for Artpop

    Humberto ToroHumberto Toro4 år siden
  • Underrated

    Bedir AsciogluBedir Ascioglu4 år siden
  • Still Waiting full G.U.Y Behind The Scenes... =s

    MaycomMaycom4 år siden
  • Charly YamCharly Yam4 år siden
  • I really wish to see full behind the scenes. I love watching this type of stuff, it's interesting.

    MyuNeptuneMyuNeptune4 år siden
  • first she said i live between reality and fantasy at all times then now ahe said i live between ARTPOP all the time what the fuck gaga

    jasmine may Gonzalesjasmine may Gonzales4 år siden
  • whos watching this AUGUST 2016?? 😍

    jasmine may Gonzalesjasmine may Gonzales4 år siden
    • jasmine may Gonzales 2017

      CottonmouthCottonmouth3 år siden
  • Gaga is Amazing

    Doug PierceDoug Pierce4 år siden
  • Me Encantá Todo esto!, guau lo Amo.

    salvador Mindsalvador Mind4 år siden
  • Legend

    ARTPOP CanonARTPOP Canon4 år siden
  • Nice ! 💓💜💓👏

    Lana ParkerLana Parker4 år siden
  • muy bonita lady Gaga😍😘

    Alyna Abarca AlonsoAlyna Abarca Alonso4 år siden
  • still waiting for the BTS & The Do What U Want Music Video... Why is Tony Bennett suddenly on the channel anyway? That's the part that confuses me...

    aw9readeraw9reader4 år siden

    Fabs SillkFabs Sillk4 år siden
  • Soon

    ARTPOP CanonARTPOP Canon4 år siden
  • Beautiful

    ARTPOP CanonARTPOP Canon4 år siden