Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper - Shallow (from A Star Is Born) (Official Music Video)

27. sep.. 2018
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  • I hate. Please do high production! I'm Elons' love interest, and An ex of FitBit.

    e Gracee Grace15 minutter siden
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    Samuel SansalvadoreSamuel Sansalvadore25 minutter siden
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    Samuel SansalvadoreSamuel Sansalvadore25 minutter siden
  • This is the last song I listened to with my grandmother before she died

    Kalen WilborneKalen Wilborne53 minutter siden
    • Uh

      Kubko AirbusKubko Airbus42 minutter siden
  • Love, my favorite Music love ❤️

    katia cegliakatia cegliaTime siden
  • Loveeeeeeee❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞❤️💞

    katia cegliakatia cegliaTime siden
  • Such a perfect combinations vocals , Beautiful!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍

    katia cegliakatia cegliaTime siden
  • u love... harding is coming!

    Sascha ThomaSascha ThomaTime siden
  • Who's here after 1 B views?

    HK SummertyHK SummertyTime siden
  • 2021?!?!

    Luciana BrunsLuciana Bruns2 timer siden
  • Who’s watching in 2021?❤❤

    Kholud AKholud A3 timer siden
  • Rocket is singing

    Thị Quế Anh NguyễnThị Quế Anh Nguyễn3 timer siden
  • ame la canción ..... la peli me encanto......

    Usky SuazaUsky Suaza3 timer siden
  • 1B029M706K

    Ada LecuneAda Lecune4 timer siden
  • this hits different

    Rares StefancuRares Stefancu4 timer siden
    • Check always remember us this way, I'll never love again and is that alright from this movie, they are better

      Ada LecuneAda Lecune4 timer siden
  • 나 지금운다

    Min LMin L5 timer siden
  • my toxic ex bf give me this song a long time ago. and until rn i still remember everything he did to me. how he drained my energy and put me in the lowest part of my life. i forgive u but to forget is impossible. the saddest part he didn't even say thankyou for everything that I did to him at the last. i wish u the best n realize it one day u lost the one who is really understand u.

    Nurul AienaNurul Aiena5 timer siden
  • 1oo6756i27ox4io19

    Samuel SansalvadoreSamuel Sansalvadore5 timer siden
  • People say that Lady Gaga has only Russian fans, like if you are not Russian! 💪😎

    Rocco PRocco P5 timer siden
  • A melhor do mundo inteiro Lady Gaga

    Victor Caiano OficialVictor Caiano Oficial5 timer siden
  • You're so damn Shallow you need floaties in the kiddie swimming Lucky Gaga bring it on Biatch!!!¡ Lmao

    Amanda SummersAmanda Summers5 timer siden
  • I want to come off all these drugs with a Doctor's Supervision. I haven't been sober in 27 years

    Amanda SummersAmanda Summers5 timer siden
  • Lucky GaGa

    Amanda SummersAmanda Summers5 timer siden
  • Just love it!!! Zo mooi.....

    Jolanda KetJolanda Ket6 timer siden
  • This song is so sweet/beautiful

    ARM FUBARARM FUBAR6 timer siden
  • In the shallow.... Where far from the shallow NOW

    B LeeB Lee7 timer siden
  • Shallow cover 👉

    Would off SportWould off Sport7 timer siden
  • Shallow cover 👉

    Would off SportWould off Sport7 timer siden
  • Shallow cover 👉

    Would off SportWould off Sport7 timer siden
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    Jaroslaw Mur.Jaroslaw Mur.8 timer siden
  • I really like this vibe of song plus the lyrics hits deference

    Dinosaur GangDinosaur Gang8 timer siden
  • love this so much

    Elwood JanurElwood Janur12 timer siden
  • You are the best GAGA 🎈🧸❤️

    Herizo ANDRIANIHerizo ANDRIANI12 timer siden
  • 2:53 Lady Gaga:I'll never meet the ground Bradley Cooper:punches his brother to the ground Me:😱

    Dygytal MusicDygytal Music13 timer siden
  • The amused mexico reassembly drown because swing neuroanatomically knock for a past trip. damaging, yummy rule

    Narayan ChoudhryNarayan Choudhry14 timer siden
  • 3:06 if I could have someone look at me like this, I'd never ask for anything again

    Morgan SlyeMorgan Slye15 timer siden
  • Narodziny gwiazdy 2016

    Krzysztof NowakKrzysztof Nowak16 timer siden
  • Bradley Copper did a wonderful job director this one of my favorite movies and my favorite song

    Jennifer HolzmanJennifer Holzman16 timer siden
  • I liked the good video). on my channel, too, there are interesting melodies and not only...р

    Music and game channelMusic and game channel17 timer siden
  • Alesha Walker

    Jack FulfordJack Fulford18 timer siden
  • This song and “Clover Cage - Better in Time” are the only two things keeping me sane through these tough times. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better...We are in this together...I love you......

    musiclova2112musiclova211218 timer siden
  • I love this song !!! since when it was released I love the lyrics to everything !! Number of people who love her too 👇

    Nathy AvakinNathy Avakin19 timer siden
  • Everyday I listen to this. You rock Lady Gaga!!!

    H RH R19 timer siden
  • I guess I feel that if there was a real character that Bradley was. It was me .

    Mk101TMk101T20 timer siden
  • Esse vídeo é Topppp!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍

    SOLETRANDO Glaucia MirandaSOLETRANDO Glaucia Miranda20 timer siden
  • She’s an amazing talent! I think she’s naturally beautiful, I hope she won’t go crazy with the plastic surgery.

    hiflite2hiflite221 time siden
  • NOworld le esta robando vistas a lady gaga !! 😠

    viviana ottos tuncarviviana ottos tuncar21 time siden
  • Bellissima canzone e splendida interpretazione! Bravissimi! ❤👏

    Elena VialElena Vial22 timer siden
  • Best on screen chemistry I have seen since Somewhere in Time

    S BS B22 timer siden
  • Quem não gostou que não escute mais, porém pra mim é top show

    Paulo José Evangelista DiasPaulo José Evangelista Dias22 timer siden
  • first video i liked of lady gaga

    Uzair AhmadUzair Ahmad22 timer siden
  • sniper americano

    Thiago GomesThiago Gomes22 timer siden
  • 02:25 vrh

    Jasmina HadzipasicJasmina Hadzipasic23 timer siden
  • Lady GAGA ist einzigartig, eine große Künstlerin. Die Stimme ist phänomenal!!!

    Marion ZiegerMarion Zieger23 timer siden
  • I'm here after watching Yuqi's cover to this beautiful song ♡♡

    Mimi ChanMimi ChanDag siden
  • Topi das galáxias

    •Magual Noobão••Magual Noobão•Dag siden
  • Aaammmmmooooooooo

  • lady gaga je suis ta plus grande fanne.

    Carine GénéraudCarine GénéraudDag siden
  • I love this part ❤ he looks so proud of her

    Andy MercedesAndy MercedesDag siden
  • Sorry i dont like it...

    Violetta Àgnes SzászVioletta Àgnes SzászDag siden
    • That is alright we are all different in our taste in music.

      Gino SollaGino Solla15 timer siden
    • no one cares grandma

      venusvenus20 timer siden
  • Quem nasceu pra petisco 😌 nuunca chega ao prato principal, sensacional...

    José dieime Pereira de SousaJosé dieime Pereira de SousaDag siden
    • @Would off Sport Oi, tudo bem

      José dieime Pereira de SousaJosé dieime Pereira de Sousa7 timer siden
    • Shallow cover 👉

      Would off SportWould off Sport7 timer siden
  • 1,029,051,232 vistas a por los 1,030M antes de febrero

  • 6.098.589

    Caio OliveiraCaio OliveiraDag siden
  • Um fenômeno mundial da música, simplesmente incrível Lady Gaga, brilhante participação de Bradley Cooper também.

    Renan MRenan MDag siden
    • Shallow cover 👉

      Would off SportWould off Sport7 timer siden
  • React "alip ba ta - shallow"

    Eko OiOiEko OiOiDag siden
  • 1:45 this part is 🔥🔥🔥

  • ❤️❤️❤️

    Miss Yamiloves. PhMiss Yamiloves. PhDag siden
  • Great music good song i like this

  • Vorrei trovare qualcuno che mi guardi con gli stessi occhi che lei guarda lui.. Un grande amore. Nn a chiacchere. Con i fatti. Speravo, credevo di averla trovata..... 😒😢💪❤️ K x te

    lucacsslucacssDag siden
  • From the og 82 est 1981 hun we honey badgers can make u fuck diplu and swirl fuck u where's Jerry Salior or Gerrymandering and pimpin & pandering I mean dame Sony when lil deb got hit disco fever yall fuck shit up parkered her and wreck it so fuck us now huh okay Pablo u got k fed fettu wap but I'm still reezlingliza mae tray nior and fuck ya all the deo

    Rhodez KreeRhodez KreeDag siden
  • life is too short to pretend you don't like lady gaga

    margaux pmargaux pDag siden
  • What a beauty and what a voice!!

    DrInsane76DrInsane76Dag siden
  • Now I know why this song won Oscar.

    Tanik BarmanTanik BarmanDag siden

    Jale JaleJale JaleDag siden
  • Tu e ridícula lady gaga

    múltiplos vlogsmúltiplos vlogsDag siden
  • shallow is well song

    Helena ŠístkováHelena ŠístkováDag siden
  • Somehow along the way this song became my life. He's in rehab for the 4th time. Prayers to those in the same situation.

    meeka donovanmeeka donovanDag siden
  • Que Dios nos perdone.

    Nguyenhuynh MyhanhNguyenhuynh MyhanhDag siden

    ovidiu Mitricioiuovidiu MitricioiuDag siden
  • RINGKASAN LIRIK DENGARKAN REKAMAN LAINNYA ORANG LAIN JUGA MENELUSURI Lirik Tell me somethin', girl Are you happy in this modern world? Or do you need more? Is there somethin' else you're searchin' for? I'm falling In all the good times I find myself Longin' for change And in the bad times I fear myself Tell me something, boy Aren't you tired tryin' to fill that void? Or do you need more? Ain't it hard keeping it so hardcore? I'm falling In all the good times I find myself Longing for a change And in the bad times I fear myself I'm off the deep end, watch as I dive in I'll never meet the ground Crash through the surface, where they can't hurt us We're far from the shallow now In the shallow, shallow In the shallow, shallow In the shallow, shallow We're far from…

    Aris JBRAris JBRDag siden
  • Evolution of artists that all looked the same before and the year they started being active 1964: Deborah Harry 1979: Madonna 1986: Gwen Stefani 1992: Britney Spears 2001: Lady Gaga

    Dontae DovelDontae DovelDag siden
  • Such a beautiful song

    stacy Qstacy QDag siden
  • I always thought she was a badass, but now... at a loss of titles to bestow upon her.

    Ralph CramdenRalph CramdenDag siden
  • ;-)

    Martha CadamuroMartha CadamuroDag siden
  • I learnt this song on guitar i can guarentee u it will be an amazing experience while learning this song and then playing the whole song

    LeGeND iS OPLeGeND iS OPDag siden
  • The Seal Of Oblivion is broken and a pure love turn into sin...

    Azrael LightAzrael LightDag siden
    • anyways stream chromatica

      venusvenus20 timer siden
  • Amo está canción....amo los intérpretes...grosos ambos...abrazo desde Argentina...un placer oírlos....hermosa pareja hacen....lady gaga tu voz me transporta❤️❤️❤️❤️

    vanina vignevanina vigneDag siden
  • This movie was so organic💕💕💕

    Kirsys SantiagoKirsys SantiagoDag siden
  • Gei

    esteban Molina Giraldoesteban Molina GiraldoDag siden
  • Da um pau na brasileira

    ツFrezzy iwnlツFrezzy iwnlDag siden
  • wow

    Alvin Glen PanopioAlvin Glen PanopioDag siden
  • Unreal how good this is man, masterpiece 🌟

    Deus VultDeus VultDag siden
  • Amo esta canción

    Jesús BarrosoJesús BarrosoDag siden

    JenniferJenniferDag siden
  • Hey guys I’ve made a cute piano cover of this song on my channel Plz give your opinion. Hope you will like it!!!

    Chris WehbéChris WehbéDag siden
  • Linda musica amoooooo mais alguém aí hje ouvindo hje 24/01/2021/ 😃💕👏👏👏👏

    Claudete De Fatima Quirino MendesClaudete De Fatima Quirino MendesDag siden
  • fantastic

    Nana BoadiNana BoadiDag siden
  • Gaga's second billion ❤️ let's go little monsters!!!

    Gabriel RodriguesGabriel RodriguesDag siden
  • My mom went to the theater to see this movie when it came out and she loved it and I remember when this was #1 at the Grammys

    Jacob LescalletteJacob LescalletteDag siden
  • Sad ending, but its really worth to watch..

    Paulo RepePaulo RepeDag siden