Lady Gaga - 911 (Short Film)

18. sep.. 2020
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Music video by Lady Gaga performing 911. © 2020 Interscope Records

  • well I think she's the best example of what's called ARTIST

    Jesui San LuisJesui San Luis18 minutter siden
  • Gaga está chegando há 11 bilhões de visualizações no NOworld

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  • Deveria ter ficado no paraíso mesmo invés de ter voltado slko só desgosto

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  • Wow

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  • 53.000.000??

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  • I love how her music always has an amazing story to tell and it's always different and unique😻 GAGA!!!😜❤️❤️❤️

    Irakli SichinavaIrakli Sichinava3 timer siden
  • Imagine dancing to the in the clubs 🥲

    Matteo FioriniMatteo Fiorini3 timer siden
  • A Lady Gaga interpretation of the film The Color of Pomegranates by Sergei Parajanov

    Joey DoucetteJoey Doucette3 timer siden
  • What the fawk 🤠

    Kelsie LongKelsie Long3 timer siden
  • No to jest tylko cóś

    Zbigniew WasiakZbigniew Wasiak3 timer siden
  • Զգուշութուն😱😱😱

  • Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan.

    Legia NgocLegia Ngoc4 timer siden
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  • My favourite song😌

    Farha ZafarFarha Zafar6 timer siden
  • Justice for this MV, deserved 10 billion views

    Rick OliverRick Oliver6 timer siden
  • Superb.

    Nguyenngoc VanNguyenngoc Van6 timer siden
  • 2021 anyone

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  • Shakifan apoyando a diario

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  • Extraordinary!!!!

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  • LA-BOMBA 💣

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  • The Chromatica era is finished sadly, no more music video or performances.

    TheMarryGagaTheMarryGaga9 timer siden
  • Kisss

    De ThuDe Thu9 timer siden
  • I live you. Gaga

    Ana MariaAna Maria10 timer siden
  • BEST on Chromatica. I can’t stop listening to this. Each listen is fresh.

    xpvaalx Xxpvaalx X12 timer siden
  • Can someone tell me about the song i didnt understand

    Aleeya NatashaAleeya Natasha12 timer siden
  • Not gonna lie this video deserves 1b views this pure are and pure genius Thanks for your time

    Mpumelelo SitozaMpumelelo Sitoza12 timer siden
  • Be nice if a Chromatica DVD boxset was created with every song off the album, whether it was released or unreleased having a video to it. Just sayin...😉🙂😉

    Oxceranoid2011Oxceranoid201113 timer siden
  • Un himno💕

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  • Instagram: @thehipmusicologist

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  • @ladygaga i need help my phone is being tapped and my apartment is wired can you help im in utah hes out of the UK DJ XS Please help Harmony

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  • this deserves 10x as many views it currently has

    Nel ClarkeNel Clarke17 timer siden

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    • what?

      ROXIEJULoL wtfROXIEJULoL wtf10 timer siden
  • Очень крутой клип на самом деле. Первый раз смотришь, и думаешь - Гага, у неё постоянно такое. А потом начинается последняя минута. И ты пересматриваешь видео второй раз...

    Игорь НикитенкоИгорь Никитенко17 timer siden
  • What happens to my Armenia comment? It had 2k+ likes???

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    • Görbagör oldu🤣🇦🇿🇹🇷

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  • 2:17

    November TuesdayNovember Tuesday18 timer siden
  • please patch the line

    Mariana CamposMariana Campos18 timer siden
  • my enemy is me

    Mariana CamposMariana Campos18 timer siden
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  • Rainha

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  • Deserved 100M

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  • Mientras Lady Gaga siga en la industria musical, el pop no será aburrido

    Emmanuel Varo SánchezEmmanuel Varo Sánchez19 timer siden
  • Who else almost cried when I she was crying and talking

    The Great GoliadThe Great Goliad19 timer siden
  • Shakifan apoyando este temazo ,los esperamos en Girl like me que esta rumbo a los 300 M

    Ludwings Roberto cortes figueroaLudwings Roberto cortes figueroa20 timer siden
  • 0.44 I had some Pussycat dolls botton vibes, ore was it kylie minough with can't get you out of my mind... I Heard it Somewhere before.... (No hate, just a recall on a Sound)

    Dee BooDee Boo20 timer siden
  • Heavy track Awesome love it 🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️🙌🏻🙏⭐️

    Tony NTony N20 timer siden
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  • Deviata Satanista.

    Zarathustra DetectorZarathustra Detector21 time siden

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  • *52 380 459 - All are mine!)*

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  • This song is very crazy, but I like a craty songs.

    Simon TóthSimon TóthDag siden
  • Vamos por los 52,4M

    Mariana CamposMariana CamposDag siden
  • Increíble como nos dió de la nada uno de los mejores videos de su carrera

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  • dios esta cancion me tiene obsecionada no la dejo de escuchar

    purin rosepurin roseDag siden
    • purrr, tienes buen gusto musical uwu

      Mariana CamposMariana CamposDag siden
  • Gaga ya alcanzó los 19,2M de suscriptores omg

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  • I arrived and you - Llegue y tu.

    sᴘ - Un Poco De Todosᴘ - Un Poco De TodoDag siden
  • C'mon Monsters help me to reach this MV to 100M Views 😍😍😍

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  • who thinks lady gaga is the real queen of pop?❤️🇺🇸🇧🇷

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  • The reversed version sounds so good btw

    Alfredo ValdezAlfredo ValdezDag siden
    • No.. reversed sounds better 🙄✋

      Lol IdkLol Idk20 timer siden
  • Connasse. Toujours aussi engluée dans son esprit morbide, sale sataniste.

    DrReid187DrReid187Dag siden
  • Get better idols:)

    Carla MyburghCarla MyburghDag siden
  • Боооооже это гениально.Безумно красивый клип.А как запрятали все за визуалом.Если кто-то смог бы создать сериал вдохновившись этим клипом.

    Надежда ВереинаНадежда ВереинаDag siden
  • Поздравляю Азербайджан с Победой!))

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    • К чему это

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  • molto bella la canzone, il video meno

    Caterina LaterzaCaterina LaterzaDag siden
  • Eh niente, l'unica cosa che sento è: "culi, cazzi nei culi" Grazie Mazzoli!

    Luca De GradiLuca De GradiDag siden
  • Queen tingz

    HakeeemHakeeemDag siden
  • ella es buena atris porque la critican dicen que es la anticrista yo no s siempre dicen tonteras como no tienen nada que hacer hatsa dicen que es satanica pero a mi me busta

    Paquita JimenezPaquita JimenezDag siden
  • Al final del vídeo todo tiene.sentido,👌 saludos cordiales desde Argentina 🇦🇷❤️🙋😘

    Carla LopezCarla LopezDag siden
  • Trivia : LG Means LADY GAGA .

    katherine blancakatherine blancaDag siden
  • I'm really curious to know who directed this masterpiece of a music video. The style has Tarsem Singh written all over it. If he wasn't involved, someone is clearly a very big fan of his. And yup I just Google "Tarsem Singh Lady Gaga" and he's the mastermind behind this. I can tell from the style that he basically revived his movie "The Fall" and made it into a Lady Gaga music video. Fucking amazing movie, by the way, if you've never seen it. And 99 percent of you haven't, I'm sure! A vastly underrated and underappreciated masterpiece of art! Do yourself and watch it if you haven't yet!

    ESL NoobESL NoobDag siden
  • I frequing love it High art High fashion High concept

    Jasmine KJasmine KDag siden
  • S

    Fighterlm 1234Fighterlm 1234Dag siden
  • I was not ready for this one

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  • pop a 911

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  • İlluminati😈

    Ahmet YücelAhmet YücelDag siden
  • the visual is just amazing and stunning as always

    inuyasha shashainuyasha shashaDag siden
  • "Im a little tea pot" feels like the choreography style.... And I'm Gaga over it😜 My fave Gaga video after GUY

    Reese TradeReese TradeDag siden
  • 52,343

    Ada LecuneAda LecuneDag siden
  • wait a minute, was it your actual intent to show everyone gaga doesnt exist anymore with this video ??? you're actually trying to say the real gaga died ???

    Beauty NeytiriBeauty NeytiriDag siden
    • I- how

      Lol IdkLol Idk20 timer siden
  • Gaga🤗😍😘

  • She did it 😍😍😍😍

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  • Illuminati ew

    Zahra Albina HumairaZahra Albina HumairaDag siden
  • Es el momento del siguiente single por favor

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  • Nos mantenemos con más de 110K visitas diarias

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    • No llegaremos nunca

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  • [Verse 1] Turnin' up emotional faders Keep repeating self-hating phrases I have heard enough of these voices Almost like I have no choice This is biological stasis My mood's shifting to manic places Wish I laughed and kept the good friendships Watch life, here I go again [Pre-Chorus] I can't see me cry Can't see me cry ever again (Ooh) I can't see me cry Can't see me cry, this is the end (Ooh) [Chorus] My biggest enemy is me, pop a 911 My biggest enemy is me, pop a 911 My biggest enemy is me ever since day one Pop a 911, then pop another one [Verse 2] Keep my dolls inside diamond boxes Save 'em 'til I know I'm gon' drop this Front I've built around my oasis Paradise is in my hands Holdin' on so tight to this status It's not real, but I'll try to grab it Keep myself in beautiful places Paradise is in my hands [Pre-Chorus] I can't see me cry Can't see me cry ever again (Ooh) I can't see me cry Can't see me cry, this is the end (Ooh) [Chorus] My biggest enemy is me, pop a 911 My biggest enemy is me, pop a 911 My biggest enemy is me ever since day one Pop a 911, then pop another one [Bridge] Pop, pop another one (Ooh) Pop a 911, then pop another one (Ooh) [Pre-Chorus] I can't see me cry Can't see me cry ever again (Ooh) I can't see me cry Can't see me cry, this is the end (Ooh) [Chorus] My biggest enemy is me, pop a 911 My biggest enemy is me, pop a 911 My biggest enemy is me ever since day one Pop a 911, then pop another one [Outro] Please patch the line, please patch the line Need a 911, can you patch the line? Please patch the line, please patch the line Need a 911, can you patch the line?

    Ersin AhmedErsin AhmedDag siden
  • The best music video ever!!!!!

    Carpe DiemCarpe DiemDag siden
  • Sold soul

    Dla TobieDla TobieDag siden
    • As she should 💅

      Lol IdkLol Idk20 timer siden

    oyun kanalıoyun kanalıDag siden
  • Every time I watch that ending I cry FFS

    Maria RiosMaria RiosDag siden
  • The color of pomegranates ( Sergei Parajanov) and El Topo ( Alejandro Jodorowsky) This music video shows resemblance to both of these films

    Elio CortezElio CortezDag siden
  • Բացի մեզանից, կռիվ գիտեին

    Armo EremyanArmo EremyanDag siden
  • Lady Gaga has zero own concepts or ideas on herself or her ''music''.

    h9oooh9oooDag siden
    • lol not true, she has had so many of her own concepts and ideas, why do you say "music" that way??? it is indeed music, it is indeed HER music, she made it.

      Taewoo TaewooTaewoo TaewooDag siden
  • This is fking plagiarism of The Color of Pomegranates and The Fall by Tarsem Singh.

    h9oooh9oooDag siden
    • Tarsem directed 911 music video LMAOOOO

      immahit theworldimmahit theworldDag siden
    • lol no it isnt, it tells a story but ur not willing to look at it for what it is

      Taewoo TaewooTaewoo TaewooDag siden
  • 0:09 so sexy moment

    Nguyenthanh TamNguyenthanh TamDag siden
  • I love this album. But i’m not gonna lie i kind heard a lil bit of Gala in that 911 song. Which is great cause i love Gala too

    Rita AmbienteRita AmbienteDag siden
  • this is true art

    Ameenah DinAmeenah DinDag siden